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  • Botox Treatment

    Video Transcription

    Gina: Hey Everyone. Gina here, and today I’m at LaserAway and I have a story to tell you and I’m actually going through it right now. It’s a not a story from my past. My birthday is coming up in a few days, and last night while randomly taking off my makeup I noticed my very first fine line ever, and I had a total breakdown because I’m like, “I’m 26. Why do I have wrinkles?” Unfortunately, I have one right here in my eyebrows because I tend to furrow my eyebrows a lot.

    So today I’m going to be getting Birthday Botox. It’s a cute name that they just told me. It’s just a little bit just to prevent the lines from getting any deeper or preventing future lines.
    A lot of people have this idea of Botox giving you this crazy frozen face and you can’t move and you can’t smile or anything. Makes you into this weird mannequin. What it does is it is actually going to prevent my fine line here from getting deeper. It forces you to not be able to make that furrowed face like I do here. You can totally see the line. So, if you guys are ready, I’m going you guys inside right now. Today we’re doing eight units and that’s three injections right in this area here. I’m ready.

    Technician: First poke. Okay. Two, three. How was that?

    Gina: Wow. That felt so weird. It felt like a huge pressure on my forehead at first, and then it went away. It’s so crazy. Okay.

    Technician: Frown one more time for me. Second poke. Second poke. And you’re done.

    Gina: Oh my God. That’s it? Oh, that’s crazy.

    You can’t really see anything happening right now but they told that it takes a few days to kick in. I will be sending pictures. You guys are going to see pictures of my gradual results that are going to happen.

    I feel, honestly, I feel better about it already. I’m kind of not freaking out about the fine lines and turning 26 years old anymore. I hope that eases your concerns about getting Botox. Definitely, here at LaserAway, they really take care of me, and let’s just hope I don’t get addicted to this and come back every week. They might get sick of me.

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