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  • Facial Botox Treatment

    Video Transcription

    Jenny: Hi. I’m Jenny, and I’m at LaserAway to try Botox for the very first time. I recently turned 30, so I’ve noticed a few fine lines and wrinkles on my face. I’m a little bit nervous but wish me luck. So I am here with Emily, my favorite nurse practitioner at LaserAway. Hi, Emily.

    Emily: Hello, how are you?

    Jenny: Good, how are you?

    Emily: Good.

    Jenny: So, I know it’s a needle. So, is it gonna hurt?

    Emily: Well, it’s the tiniest needle you ever did see. You probably won’t even be able to see it when I’m actually doing your treatment. And is it gonna hurt? Well, I mean maybe a little tiny itty bitty pinch, but it should never be that painful. It should never be intolerable.

    Jenny: So, like tweezing your eyebrows?

    Emily: Very, very similar.

    Jenny: Okay.

    Emily: Very similar.

    Jenny: All right. It seems like something I can handle.

    Emily: Sure! Of course, you can.

    Jenny: So, as you know, I recently turned 30. And now that I’ve entered a new decade of my life, I’m noticing more fine lines, wrinkles. These things are really coming’ out to play lately. So, am I a good candidate for Botox? Am I behind, what do you think?

    Emily: No, I think you’re right on time, right on schedule. It’s, you know, Botox is more preventative than anything. So I started Botox when I was 26 years old, and I’m really happy that I did because it prevented me from making the faces that cause the wrinkles in the first place. And I think that’s the misconception. People come in, sometimes, when they have very prominent static lines, which means, at rest, you have wrinkles that are noticeable. But you don’t really have that. So, whenever you make a face…go ahead and make a surprise face for me. See, now I can see. This would become more and more prominent if you didn’t do Botox, and then they would become more difficult to correct. So now’s the perfect time to do this.

    Jenny: Okay.

    Emily: So, where all…where are your concerns?

    Jenny: So, my main concern is, I think, it’s this side of my eleven lines. I feel as though it almost kinda looks like a scar.

    Emily: Yeah, I had the same thing. Now that I’m pregnant I, you know, can’t do it. So, get really angry with me. Yeah, and see you pull a little bit harder from this side, too. So, very easy to fix. After a couple of weeks, you’ll notice that that relaxes and that wrinkle, that line will become less and less prominent, the more and more you do Botox, which is every three months. Okay, and then so, when we do this area, I’m gonna put about three injections right here and here and here. And then that’ll start working in a couple of weeks after we place it. Sometimes, a lot earlier, you’ll notice it, but then after two weeks, you’ll be like, “Ah! I had Botox.” And it’ll be great.

    Jenny: Awesome.

    Emily: Get really surprised for me. Good, so then also here…hold that face for me. A little bit more. Yeah, that’s it. So, yeah, you do have the horizontal lines that are starting to happen. But again, sitting here and looking at you, I don’t see them permanently in your skin. So, this is great. We’re gonna prevent you from getting those that are permanent in your forehead going forward.

    Jenny: And then, what about my up and coming crow’s feet…

    Emily: Smile?

    Jenny: …that I’ve noticed?

    Emily: These are smile lines. They’re not crow’s feet. So, yeah, we can definitely soften these lines. You know, some people…We can be very subtle about this. I don’t wanna make it to where you, when you smile, it’s like…you know. We gotta get your eyes involved with the smile. So I don’t wanna totally freeze you, and I have control over that. So I can give you just a nice amount that will soften it, that will relax these lines. They’re more prominent over here, and just soften your look and make it look like you’ve had a really good nap.

    Jenny: Perfect. That sounds great.

    Emily: Yes.

    Jenny: So, the lovely Emily has now answered all of my questions, and I am way less nervous and way more excited, and I cannot wait to get my treatment.

    So I just finished my first treatment, and it was way less scary than I thought it was gonna be. It seemed like it was over within 5 to 10 minutes, and I already feel five years younger. Just kidding. I’ll probably feel about five years younger in about two weeks when I’m back for my checkup. I hope to see you there and keep following.

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