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  • Male Lip Injection Treatment

    Video Transcription

    Thomas: Hi guys, this is Thomas. I’m here at LaserAway, getting Juvéderm injections in my lips and my cheeks. I’m super-excited because I do have problems with uneven lips and I do want fuller cheek bones. I’m excited about Juvéderm because it’s one of my favorite types of treatment that I’ve gotten before, and I just enjoy how plump it make my lips. And the past time I got Juvéderm, it lasted about a good six months, and that was my first time.

    I haven’t been to LaserAway before. This is my first time and I’m super-excited because all of my friends that have been here before have really enjoyed it. So, let’s get started.

    Okay, so I’m all done. I really did enjoy the experience. It wasn’t painful at all. It was just kind of like a little bit of a pinch when the needle went in, and the massage was nice. And I really do like how she made my pout a little bit more prominent and she made my lips a lot more fuller, and just made it nice and even and just really pretty. So it was a really nice process. I’m definitely coming back, and I definitely suggest everyone to come check out LaserAway because it’s pretty amazing. Check it out.

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