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  • Tara Booher gets Botox at LaserAway

    Video Transcription

    Tara: Hey guys, it’s Tara Booher here and I’m here visiting my girls at LaserAway, Pasadena and I’m going to be trying out Botox today. So follow me in and we’ll see how this goes.

    Doctor: And I’m going to have you make a frown face. And relax. And breathe. Okay, how was that?

    Tara: Fine.

    Doctor: Good. And frown again. And relax. And breathe. And frown one more time. And relax. And breathe. Okay, we’re done with the center. Now I’m going to go to your forehead. Okay, raise your eyebrows really high. And relax. And again. Relax. And again. Relax. And again. And relax. Doing okay? Turn towards me. And again. And relax. Okay. How was that?

    Tara: Good. I can barely feel it. The only time I feel it is the medicine going in there.

    Doctor: Yeah. Okay, so smile really big. And relax. Again. And relax. And breathe. And relax. And breathe. Perfect. And we’re all set.

    Tara: All right, guys, the procedure is done. It was really, really quick and simple and I can’t wait to see how it looks. Everybody was really nice, it was a really great trip to LaserAway. Thanks for watching.

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