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  • Marla Staff Interview

    Video transcription

    My name is Marla Esposito and I’m the director of operations for all of the Los Angeles based LaserAways. Laser Away is Southern California’s leader in laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, Botox, Juvederm, Thermage, body contouring, pretty much everything.

    Laser hair removal generally takes approximately six treatments and that’s because hair grows in cycles. So, what we do is we treat you six times with six week intervals between the treatments. And each time we treat you, we’re killing or deactivating whatever is alive at the time of that treatment. So, with each subsequent treatment you’re going to see less and less regrowth.

    Laser hair removal traditionally has been known to be very painful. But here at Laser Away, the laser that we use which is called the Cynosure Apogee Elite has a cooling system that attaches to the hand piece. This cooling systems blows negative 42 degree at you while you’re being lasered. So that serves as a numbing agent so that it’s actually numbing the skin while you’re being lasered. So the pain level is minimal and we can do a full bikini Brazilian in about five minutes.

    People who leave Laser Away always very happy, always feeling very good about themselves. A lot of the times they come in feeling you know insecure. Sometimes it’s a female that may have you know facial hair, something like that that makes them feel insecure. And they always feel with this new found you know sense of confidence.

    Laser hair removal is definitely affordable. We offer interest free financing. We have a program called Care Credit which is an actual credit card used for medical facilities only. And what we do is we finance you with that program interest free for 12 months. So, it’s definitely affordable. I mean, you can do your full bikini and under arm hair removal for about $80 a month.

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