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  • Clear + Brilliant Laser Facial Treatment

    Video Transcription

    Jessica: Hey guys, I’m Jessica. I’m here today at LaserAway Pasadina. I’m going to try my very first laser treatment and I’m super excited to see how it turns out. Come in and check it out.

    Doctor: Okay, you ready?

    Jessica: Yes I am.

    Doctor: Okay. I’m going to start right here in the center. How does it feel?

    Jessica: I can’t even feel anything, so that’s good. Just feels a little warm.

    Doctor: Great.

    Jessica: So what exactly does this machine do?

    Doctor: So what it’s doing right now is poking little micropores in your skin, or treatment zones, and the laser is able to penetrate deep into your skin to heal it from the inside out. And so it’s working to shrink your pore size, to alter the oil production in your skin, works on fine lines and wrinkles as well. Works on acne; active acne and acne scarring.

    Jessica: All in one.

    Doctor: Yeah.

    Jessica: One stop shop.

    Doctor: Basically. It’s the ultimate facial.

    Jessica: And how often can you do this?

    Doctor: So we recommend every two weeks. So is it feeling a little warm right now?

    Jessica: Yeah, it feels warm. I expected more pain, so I’m happy. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Just warm.

    Doctor: Good. So it’s going to feel like a mild sunburn.

    Jessica: Okay.

    Doctor: Your skin is going to feel tight and warm for the next four to five hours, but that’s just the whole process.

    Jessica: So afterwards, do I just put sunscreen on? Lotion? What’s the care afterwards/

    Doctor: So immediately after I’m going to put a vitamin C cooling mask on your face. You’re going to keep that on for a couple minutes, and then you’ll put on some sunscreen before you go out.

    Jessica: Okay.

    Doctor: Warmth and redness will last until tonight. It may even go into tomorrow, and then you’ll start to feel a sandpaper feeling for a couple days. But then after that skin layer sluffs off, your skin is going to feel very smooth. Like a baby’s bottom.

    Jessica: So after about a week is when you see the best result?

    Doctor: Yes, about a week.

    Jessica: What should I use as far as moisturizer for the next few days?

    Doctor: I would recommend an oil free moisturizer.

    Jessica: Like Cetaphil?

    Doctor: Yes, exactly like that, even Neutrogina; anything without fragrance, moving on to the chin, and then upper lip. This is the most sensitive area. Almost done. Okay. All done.

    Jessic: Yay.

    Doctor: So what’d you think?

    Jessica: It wasn’t bad at all. I like it. It feels warm and right now I feel like it’s just a little bit sunburnt, but it’s not too bad.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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