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  • Laser Facial Procedure on Cheeks & Nose

    Video transcription

    Nicole: Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m at LaserAway in West Hollywood, and today I’m going to get a laser facial.

    Attendant: Here we go, turn towards me. We’re going to do the left side first because that’s the driving side. So here we go. Ready?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm.

    Attendant: What’s the pain level here, one out of ten, ten being the highest?

    Nicole: One.

    Attendant: Good. It’s going to continue to get warmer, so I’m going to continuously ask you how you’re doing, okay?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm. It kind of tickles.

    Attendant: It tickles?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm.

    Attendant: Okay. So with this procedure you want to avoid the sun two weeks before treatment and then a few days after treatment. Definitely wear sunscreen SPF 45 or higher. Okay. How are you feeling?

    Nicole: Good.

    Attendant: Good. What’s the pain level?

    Nicole: I’m still at a one.

    Attendant: Okay. Good.

    Nicole: I can feel it. It’s not painful, though.

    Attendant: Mm-hmm.

    Nicole: So should I expect to be a little red after this?

    Attendant: Yeah. So after this you’re going to be red. It can take an hour to a couple of hours for the redness to go away. You can continue with normal activity. Just be very careful with your face when you wash it. Be very gentle, no rubbing. No exfoliating for a few days. And then if you use any acne products with any acids in it, you can start using those again three days after today’s treatment. Okay?

    Nicole: But just do the regular routine, in terms of exfoliating and everything?

    Attendant: I wouldn’t exfoliate for three days.

    Nicole: Or, not exfoliating . . .

    Attendant: Yeah, just washing your face.

    Nicole: Moisturizing?

    Attendant: Yeah, moisturizing is great. Just make sure when you wash, be gentle. No rubbing. And when you dry your face as well, pat dry.

    Nicole: Okay.

    Attendant: Don’t be rough, okay?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm.

    Attendant: Okay, now we’re going to do the right side of your face. Here we go. What’s the pain level here?

    Nicole: One again.

    Attendant: Good.

    Nicole: This is crazy. I’m getting a facial with a laser. It’s not uncomfortable at all. I thought with the laser being on my face without the cold air, it would be a little uncomfortable, but it’s really not at all.

    Attendant: Does it just feel warm? How does it feel?

    Nicole: It feels warm. For me it’s relaxing, kind of like when you do the hot towel before the facial.

    Attendant: Yeah.

    Nicole: It feels like that.

    Attendant: Just a nice, warm sensation?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm.

    Attendant: Good.

    Nicole: So you were explaining to me earlier that this actually also helps with acne?

    Attendant: Mm-hmm. It helps with acne, acne scarring. What it does is it brings the bacteria from underneath the pores out to the surface, so it cleans from down under the skin. It also helps with fine lines. It stimulates collagen production, and it helps with the texture of your face as well. Okay, now we’re going to do your upper lip and nose. So what I’m going to have you do is put your tongue over your top teeth for me to bring out that lip. Perfect. Here we go. You okay?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm.

    Attendant: Okay. Good.

    Nicole: It was so quick. You could pop in here during a break, get a facial and leave. And that’s great, right? Who wants to wait around all day?

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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