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  • Laser Tattoo Removal on Upper Arm

    Video Transcription

    Natasha: Hi. My name is Natasha Lillipore. I’m here at LaserAway, and I’m going to get my tattoo removed. Right now I’m really excited because I got it done when I was 15 and I instantly was, like, oh this isn’t quite what I want. I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m mostly excited. Come follow me and you can join me through the process of getting my tattoo removed.

    Female: Ready? Deep breath, okay.


    Natasha: So, I just had my first session done on my arm. We just did, like, half of it. You can kind of see there’s still half left. I’ll come back in, like, a week or two and work on that. For me in comparison to actually getting a tattoo, it is kind of similar. I don’t think it hurt as much as getting the tattoo, and it’s definitely so much faster. That makes it way more bearable. Thank you guys for watching, and keep checking back to see the progress. Hopefully, you’ll get to see this thing disappear.

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