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  • 3rd Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment


    Pham: Hey, what’s up guys? Pham Flexx here. I’m here at LaserAway Huntington Beach. I’m on session three right now, tattoo laser removal. It’s going pretty good. Actually it’s going really, really well. It’s actually fading a lot. I’m really happy with the results so far. There’s a little bit of discomfort during the process. It’s not the best feeling thing, but it’s not the worst feeling thing, but it’s very similar to a rubber band hitting your skin multiple times, so it’s not bad.

    I see a substantial difference, actually from the time we started after only two sessions. So it’s… It used to be really dark up in this area which was my main concern, and now it’s noticeably lighter than it was before after only two sessions. It’s a little swollen, not too bad. I’ve got some of this ice right here. They’re padding me up real nice, put some antibiotic cream on it, so it feels okay.

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