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  • Comedian Arantza Fahnbulleh shares her Treatment Experience

    Video Transcription

    My name’s Arantza. I’m a comedian. I am so excited today to come back to LaserAway to get my second session of my underarms and my Brazilian, but also I’m getting my first session of my legs today. I’m so excited because I love wearing shorts and skirts, and it’s summer, so it’s perfect timing. Let’s get started.

    I’m really excited to be hairless. As you can see, I’m smiling. I can’t feel a thing right now. I feel bad for my roommates because now I just walk around in my bikini all the time. Yeah, I’m still a kid, when I think lasers, I think Laser Tag. I think going to the arcade. So this is how it feels, like going to the arcade, but as a grown woman. That’s what laser hair removal is like. Little did I know later on in life, I’d be lasering my hair off. I always loved Laser Tag. I always loved lasers. We’re having way too much fun, you guys. The most I’m feeling now is a slight tingling sensation, but it’s like a one.

    Stephanie: That’s good.

    Arantza: Yeah.

    Stephanie: One out of 10?

    Arantza: One out of 10. Stephanie’s doing an amazing job.

    Stephanie: Thank you.

    Arantza: We’re just so lucky to be modern women. Imagine like 50 years ago, they had to shave and they weren’t nice blades, there was no Venus. There was nothing. The women now that hopped into a time machine and saw this, they’d be so jealous, you know? The bush was in style back in the day, because they didn’t have a choice. Like not only as modern women do we have rights, we also get laser hair removal. It’s the best time period ever. People always talk about the ’50s, I mean, it was cute. I liked the hairstyles, but they didn’t have laser hair removal. So I mean, I wouldn’t want to be there.

    So I got my legs done for the first time today and I didn’t feel a thing. So I asked the nurse, I was like, “How come I didn’t feel any pain?” And she told me that apparently you feel more pain if you have more hair and if it grows in thicker. Luckily, I’m black and I don’t have a lot of hair naturally on my legs. So this if the thing for you. If you’re black, come on down LaserAway, get your legs done, girl, you ain’t gonna feel a thing. Okay, let me tell you, it was painless. Felt like nothing. Felt like a summer breeze.

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