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  • Mikhaila’s Experience

    Video transcription

    I’ve been a client of LaserAway for about 6 months now. I get full body laser hair removal from head to toe. The results at LaserAway are fantastic. From a scale from one to ten, they’re definitely a ten.

    I wouldn’t say LaserAway is painful. It’s a little bit painful in certain areas but they usually numb it with ice so that makes it tolerable, completely.

    I would rate the results at LaserAway on a scale from one to ten, a complete 10 because I’m extremely happy.

    One of my favorite parts about LaserAway is the staff. They’re really friendly and they’re really helpful and they make you feel extremely comfortable.

    I think LaserAway is extremely affordable. I got the Black Card package and it included all the areas from head to toe because I just don’t want any hair all over my body.

    And I wanted to look really clean, and I live by the beach, I live in the Marina. And I’m always in a bikini so I just thought that was the best for me so that I could put on a bikini at any time and know that I’d feel confident going out there and just looking nice and clean.

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