Laser Tattoo Removal

How Many Treatments Does It Take Before The Tattoo Is Removed?

You can expect to undergo several tattoo removal sessions before your tattoo is gone for good. 

A number of factors determine how many sessions you’ll need: 

  • The tattoo’s age and size
  • The amount and type of ink used
  • The depth of the ink in the skin’s dermis 

And other things can all affect how long it will take the tattoo to fade after laser treatment.

Black and red ink generally respond best to treatment. Colorful ink is more challenging due to the size of the ink molecule. Furthermore, their absorption spectra fall either on the border or outside of most lasers’ targeted color spectrum. Tattoo inks may even contain chemicals like iron oxide or titanium dioxide, which makes removing a tattoo even more difficult.


You must wait about eight to  twelve weeks between laser treatments to allow the body to absorb and digest the broken up ink particles. . Soon enough, you’ll start to see your tattoo slowly begin to fade.

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