Laser Tattoo Removal

How Many Treatments Does It Take Before The Tattoo Is Removed?

Step 1

The number of treatments you’ll need depends on many different factors, including but not limited to: tattoo location, amount of ink, color of ink, depth/age of tattoo, and preexisting texture of the skin. It is impossible to predict the precise number of treatments required, however we provide our best estimate based on the universally used Kirby-Desai scale.

During each laser tattoo removal session, the tattoo ink particles are broken into smaller ink fragments. Black and red inks typically respond best to laser tattoo removal treatment and in most cases can be fully removed. All other ink colors are typically more stubborn, as they absorb less laser light and are made up of hard metals whose bonds are tougher to break up. Therefore, some ink colors may significantly fade and appear duller, but may never fully remove.

It takes the body’s immune system a minimum of eight weeks to absorb and process the tattoo’s ink fragments via the lymphatic system. Most tattoos can be treated every 8-12 weeks, with each session breaking up more ink. Soon enough, you’ll start to see your tattoo slowly begin to fade.

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