Hair Removal

6 Ways to Get Rid Of Facial Hair for Women

Feeling a bit nervous about the hair on your face? We have 6 different options for getting it under control:

    This may not be the most attractive option. But it can be highly effective, if only temporarily. You may have to shave daily to keep stubble away. Bear in mind, then, that some women get razor burn from shaving too frequently.
  • WAX
    Waxing can be a bit uncomfortable, especially if you have sensitive facial skin. You may experience rashes and redness—yet it does remove hair by the root. This means you only have to wax your lip once every few weeks.
    A depilatory cream destroys hair on the surface of your skin. You apply it above your lip, leave it there for a bit and then simply wipe it off. The cream takes the hair with it. Depilatories do have their drawbacks. They can irritate your skin. Also, they don’t remove hair by the root, so you have to use them frequently.
    This professional treatment uses an electric current to zap your hairs at the root. It can be costly, time-consuming and uncomfortable. And it will take a few treatments before it is gone for good.
    The hair above your lip can be caused by too many male hormones  and may be kept in check with birth control pills. With regular use, you should see less facial hair. Keep in mind, however, that birth control pills won’t work if your excess facial hair owes to medications or genetics.
    With this method, a laser pulse is aimed at hair. The pulse damages pigment in the hair’s follicle and the damage slows the hair’s regrowth. Laser hair removal usually requires several sessions. But its results are lasting. After about three to six treatments, your lady ‘stache should be gone for good!

Be sure to speak to your medical health professional about your excess facial hair. She will be able to determine its cause and recommend the most effective treatment.


The hair on the upper lip is incredibly common in women. It may owe to an overproduction of male hormones or a medical condition known as hirsutism — excessive hair growth on your face, chest and back. Also, your genetics may be a factor, as may certain medications you happen to be taking.

Whatever the cause, you don’t have to live with it. With laser hair removal you could see as much as 90% of it gone in as few as three to six treatments.