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    The Liquid Facelift Advantage

    Delivering the same results as a traditional facelift without the recovery time and cost, a liquid facelift:

    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines, folds, and creases
    • Gives you a more rested, youthful look
    • Begins to work immediately
    • Responds to your unique needs
    • Lasts up to a year with just one treatment
    • Works with all skin types and tones
    • Is noninvasive


    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    The Liquid Facelift Solution

    A liquid facelift can also re-contour your face, improve the appearance of scars, and even enhance the size and shape of your lips.

    Involved in a liquid facelift are:

    • Botox

    Revolutionary Botox improves moderate to severe frown lines, forehead furrows, smoker’s lines, and crow’s feet.

    • Juvéderm XC

    Smooth gel filler Juvéderm adds more volume to cheeks and quickly reduces wrinkles around the mouth and nose.

    • Juvéderm Ultra XC

    Smooth gel filler Juvéderm adds more volume to the lips and perioral area.

    • Juvéderm Voluma

    Like Juvéderm XC, smooth gel filler Juvéderm Voluma adds more volume and contouring to cheeks and smooths out wrinkles.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    You’re a good candidate for a liquid facelift if you have:

    • Sunken areas around the eyes or cheekbones
    • Facial lines, wrinkles, creases, and folds
    • Acne, surgical scars, or other skin depressions
    • Frown lines, crow’s feet, and smoker’s lines
    • Loss of volume in the cheek area
    • Thin or thinning lips

    A liquid facelift may not be right for you if you have:

    • An allergy to injected local anesthetics
    • Severe scarring or allergies
    • Antibiotics, heart medication, or other drugs that you’re taking
    • Skin infections at the sites to be treated
    • Thin or loose skin
    • A neurological disease or similar medical condition
    • Weakened facial muscles
    • A child you are nursing or are pregnant

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    Rare side effects of a liquid facelift include headaches that may last up to 48 hours, drooping eyelid, redness, pain or tenderness, unusual firmness, swelling, lumps, bruising, itching, infection, and discoloration at the injection site.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    The Liquid Facelift Experience

    You’ll be asked to stop taking products that contain aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E for the 10 days leading up to your liquid facelift treatment. Doing so reduces the risk of bruising.

    Fifteen minutes before your treatment, a topical numbing gel will be applied to your face.

    The treatment itself consists of injections in the facial muscles underlying wrinkles and folds. Previous clients have compared the experience to a vaccination shot: They feel only a few seconds of mild discomfort as the Botox and dermal fillers enter an injection site. A few hours afterwards, injection sites may look red and feel irritated.

    Immediately after the injections, your physician will ask you to frown, raise your eyebrows, smile, and pucker your lips. This helps to evenly distribute the Botox and dermal fillers throughout the injection site. She will also ask you to avoid exercise, bending over, lying down, or rubbing the area for the first 24 to 48 hours after treatment. This ensures that the Botox and dermal fillers settle in the right place and don’t migrate elsewhere. If they do migrate, they could paralyze your face or cause your eyelids to droop.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    Before & After

    A liquid facelift delivers immediate, long-lasting results. And they continue to improve for one to two weeks as the dermal fillers soften and draw moisture into the area and the Botox weakens facial muscles.

    You can expect your results to last up to 12 months!

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    Your Liquid Facelift Source

    A traditional facelift can cost thousands of dollars, and it is incredibly invasive. It involves incisions around the hairline, ears, lower scalp, and chin. For this reason it usually requires general anesthesia. Recovery can take up to three weeks, and it can take up to a year for all residual swelling, bruising, and changes in skin sensation to go away.

    Perfect for your busy lifestyle, a liquid facelift lifts and re-contour your face — and all without any downtime or serious risk of complications. Plus, it costs a fraction of what you’d pay for a traditional facelift.

    And a liquid facelift works fast. The wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers take only a few days to work as they begin to settle in the injection site. And the effects can last up to a year!

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    Your go-to source for liquid facelifts is LaserAway. Offering the most aesthetic service options of any national skincare provider, we use only innovative techniques and cutting-edge laser technology. And our highly trained staff is experienced and certified in laser and other dermatological procedures. They strive to make your visit comfortable, enjoyable, and satisfying.

    Want to learn more about liquid facelifts? Then schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today by emailing or calling our staff at (888) 965-2737.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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