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Brazilian Hair Removal

What is Brazilian hair removal?

Brazilian hair removal is when all, or almost all, pubic hair is removed. This type of treatment extends beyond the bikini line. Over the last ten years, Brazilian hair removal has become increasingly popular among women. This is due in part to changing trends in swimsuits and lingerie.

Most people, when they hear the word “Brazilian,” think of waxing. But this style of hair removal can also be performed by a laser. In fact, dermatologists agree laser hair removal is less painful than waxing and achieves permanent hair reduction after a few sessions.

laser hair removal on vagina

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: Some Facts

Brazilian laser hair removal is an innovative alternative to waxing or shaving. Shaving must be done very frequently to maintain smooth skin. It can cause unsightly razor bumps, skin irritation, and stubble. Waxing can be very painful and the hair must grow back to a length of a quarter-inch before it can be waxed again.
Laser hair removal achieves long-lasting results since it targets the growth center of each hair known as the follicle. The laser provides a constant source of heat and light that, when pointed at each hair, damages the follicle so the hair cannot regrow. Hair grows back more finely. Eventually, it may not grow back at all. Laser hair removal provides the constantly smooth skin that shaving and waxing cannot.

Brazilian Hair Removal at LaserAway

Lasers can be used for Brazilian hair removal as well as on other areas of the body. Laser hair removal can result in permanent hair reduction after a few sessions with minimal side effects.
At LaserAway Brazilian laser hair removal is discreet and comfortable. During the procedure, most patients report a mild stinging sensation where the laser is applied. Some initial redness may occur. Afterward, the skin will appear smooth and stubble-free.