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What is The Best Laser Treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

Here’s how Clear + Brilliant Perméa and IPL photofacials treat hyperpigmentation

Let’s face it: spots and dots on your skin can really make your head spin! Even when your skin is otherwise smooth and clear, discoloration and uneven skin tone can make you feel like you aren’t making any progress with your SkinFitness™ routine.

What exactly is hyperpigmentation? It’s simply a medical term used to describe darker patches of skin that form due to excess melanin production. Hyperpigmentation can result from acne, hormonal changes, natural aging, or sun damage. Constant maintenance is needed since dark spots never really stay away (due to genetic and physiological factors). Those experiencing discoloration can benefit from professional help from an aesthetic dermatology clinic. But, you’re in luck! We offer two non-invasive aesthetic treatments at all of our locations that can combat hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone for a radiant complexion: Clear + Brilliant Perméa and IPL photofacials. That means you can kiss those dark spots goodbye!

How do Clear + Brilliant Perméa and IPL photofacials work?

Clear + Brilliant is a non-surgical laser facial that offers two different laser settings to meet patients’ skincare goals. The original laser tip targets skin tone and texture, while Perméa treats hyperpigmentation resulting from sun damage,, melasma, and more. Pretty amazing, right? But you’re probably wondering how Clear + Brilliant works. Essentially, it creates hundreds of thousands of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, which replaces damaged skin with healthy-looking tissue. The result? Brighter, more even skin tone! And best of all, it works on all skin types. Sound like something you’d be into? Same, babe.

IPL photofacials (which stand for Intense Pulsed Light) don’t actually use laser technology, but instead, wavelengths of light. This specialized treatment is designed for patients with sun damage and red or brown discoloration in their skin. Because a certain degree of contrast must exist between the discoloration and the natural skin tone, IPL photofacials are ideal for those with fairer skin types. They work by delivering precise, high-intensity visible light pulses that target the pigment cells in skin imperfections. The heat from the light destroys the unwanted pigment, resulting in more even skin tone and a healthier complexion. Who wouldn’t want that?

What kind of results can I expect?

With both IPL photofacials and Clear + Brilliant, the number of treatments needed depends on the condition of your skin and SkinFitness™ goals. And results from both treatments continue to improve with each successive treatment. That’s cause for some serious celebration.

Which one is better: Clear + Brilliant Perméa or IPL photofacials?

As with most things in life: two are better than one! Did you know that you can combine Clear + Brilliant Perméa and IPL photofacials to maximize results? If you’re wondering why you would want to combine two treatments that provide similar results, consider their “mechanisms of action” or how these two treatments go about delivering results to the skin with their unique methods. IPL photofacials use a specific wavelength of light to target dark pigment, whereas Clear + Brilliant Perméa uses laser light to treat dull, discolored skin cells. Both treatments work in vastly different ways that combine for superior results. Trust us on this one.

We recommend alternating between these two treatments once a month for the safest and quickest way to achieve and maintain your healthiest skin possible. You will only feel minimal discomfort with both treatments and get lasting results with every session. Win-win, right?

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