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It’s a slow and steady process—requiring 6-8 treatments on average, with appointments spaced about 6-8 weeks apart. You also need to avoid incidental or direct sun exposure. So if you’re looking to be silky smooth by next spring or summer, then fall is actually the perfect time to begin your treatments!

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How It Works

Laser Hair Removal uses fast laser light pulses to selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting their melanin (color). Why the follicles? This is where hair growth happens! It’s a cyclical process that looks something like this...

What To Expect

7-10 days after your treatment

Hair in the active growth stage during treatment begins to fall out

With each progressive treatment

  • More hair in active growth stage is targeted and permanently removed
  • More and more of your hair will stop growing back

5-6 weeks after your treatment

Hair that wasn’t in active growth stage begins to grow out

After a series of treatments

  • Up to 80% of unwanted hair is permanently reduced
  • Hair that remains is softer, finer, less noticeable, and
  • slower to grow back
  • Skin in the treated area is smoother & softer
  • Need for shaving or waxing is minimal

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The Best in the Business

As the nation’s leader in Laser Hair Removal, we’ve performed over 3 million treatments to date, so rest assured you’re in good hands! We use state-of-the-art technology to target deep within the skin for maximum results, including the BEST laser ever:
The Cynosure Apogee Elite

And the team behind the treatments? Second to none.
Our clinics are supervised by board-certified dermatologists, and treatments are implemented by registered nurses, physician associates, and nurse practitioners who undergo one of the most comprehensive training programs in the business.

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LaserAway Is the Nation's Leader in Laser Hair Removal

Over 3 Million Treatments Performed!