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    I said I was going to write LaserAway a great review and I meant it! I came from Neoskin which went out of business (eventhough I had a package with them with three treatments left). My friend recommended LaserAway and they actually gave me a FREE treatment because they felt bad about my little ordeal. The staff was great and I think the whole thing was a blessing in disguise cuz LaserAway is so much better. I truly recommend this place.

    -Stephanie K

    Laser away has state of the art Lasers. I have had both Hair removal and tattoo removal there. They have good prices and confident nurses doing the treatments. I have recommended a lot of my friends to them for Botox, juvederm and laser facials. The end result is always to your satisfaction.

    -Shatzia L

    Laser me away!!!
    Hi, I’ve been to three locations. Woodland hills where the “staff” was the only reason I drove from Long Beach to get laser treatment. LOVED IT! Then I tried getting closer and followed the wonderful staff ( Marla) to Santa Monica ….. keeps getting better. They called me and asked if I wanted to try the Marina Del Rey location to help with the drive. Very thoughtful. So yes, my last 2 sessions are @ the Marina Del Rey location. Easy free parking, wonderful location, and yes……. I no longer have any hair. I’m thirty and officially buy razors only for my house guests.


    My brother works as an LA county firefighter and they just passed a rule that you can’t work on the job with visable tattoos, so he went into Laser Away in early October. After two treatments the tat is almost gone already. I’m getting my tat removed too now. The people are really cool inside and it is not too expensive.

    -Jason G

    I just had my first treatment for tattoo removal today… The place is nice and clean. The staff was super nice and made me feel comfortable right away.. I had my consult around lunch and my first treatment after work.. which was perfect. They were able to squeeze me in the same day. Very affordable and reasonable too. They explained the process and it was not painful at all..Getting a brazillian was way more painful than the laser. I am having my home made ghetto tattoo removed, after 15 years.. Why oh why I waited so long, is my question. But waiting 15 years was a good thing because my tattoos had faded a little bit, hopefully I will only need a couple more treatments… I’m so glad, I did it. I can already see some results. I can’t wait to be completely tattoo free…

    -Sarah B. on Yelp

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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