Eyebrow Hair

Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

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"The procedure itself takes just minutes... It's really that easy! You're in and out in a flash"


Sick of plucking and waxing and ready to finally own that brow game? That’s where we come in. Laser Hair Removal is safe, easy and permanent, letting you ditch unwanted hair for good! Our eyebrow treatments specialize in removing the always-fun “unibrow” area right between your eyebrows.

At LaserAway, we’ve been leaders in all things laser for over a decade, and have revolutionized the industry with state-of-the-art laser technology that targets deep within skin to shape the eyebrows and remove unwanted hair permanently, without damaging the surrounding skin. Even better? Our lasers work on ALL skin types, so our treatment is literally for everyone.

Need more convincing? Laser Hair Removal…
• Permanently reduces 10%-15% of hair per treatment
• Is safe, easy & proven effective
• Softens & smooths your skin
• Works on all skin types
• Saves you time & money by not plucking or waxing

*Results and patient experience may vary.

Treatment time: 5 minutes
Average number of treatments: 8-10

Wanna laser a bit more? Here’s the full list of areas we laser.

Eyebrow Hair


A lot of people are nervous about going under the laser. But don’t worry—we’ve done this before. As the nation’s leader in Laser Hair Removal, we’ve performed over 1.5 million treatments on patients who are currently on impromptu beach trips & working bare leg looks 365 days a year (AKA living the fuzz-free dream). But the results are going to vary because everyone’s hair is different. You might be smooth with just a couple treatments, or you might need some extra TLC (Tender Laser Care).

What we can guarantee is that your hair will become thinner, softer and less dense than it is now, and that our amazing clinicians have got your back (and your legs, your bikini line, your armpits, and anywhere else that might need attention)! They will be completely honest with you every step of the way & steer you on the fastest, safest path to hair-free bliss.

Eyebrow Hair

A laser hair removal session can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size and number of areas treated. Before the session, you’ll be given protective eye gear. Once the session begins, you’ll feel a stinging sensation when the laser becomes active. Will it hurt? It really depends on your hair density and thickness, but most of our patients just describe it as a very tolerable prickling sensation and some feel minimal to no pain at all.

There’s also a few things you need to do before and after your appointment to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Eyebrow Hair


We love talking laser science. Laser hair removal uses fast laser light pulses to selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting their melanin (color). The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the laser’s light pulse, which damages the follicle enough to significantly slow hair regrowth. How is it permanent? Our lasers travel deeper into your skin to destroy both the hair bulb & stem cells, so that unlike with waxing or shaving, the hair doesn’t grow back.

We also use the BEST laser ever: The Cynosure Apogee Elite, which is safe and effective for all skin types.