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  • After Care for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

    LaserAway’s hair removal techniques are FDA approved methods for permanently reducing hair growth on the body. Laser hair removal treatments work by passing a sophisticated heated laser beam over the skin as the individual hair follicles absorb the laser energy. The absorbed energy will damage the follicle and prevent further hair growth allowing a much more lengthy period of time where no hair growth will be visible. Each session of treatment will damage the follicle further and results will be clearly visible after only a few sessions. Aftercare for patients whom have received laser hair removal treatments are necessary so as to minimize the risk of infections and to allow the body to naturally heal itself.

    There are no mandatory regulations for aftercare after receiving laser hair removal treatments. The laser technician may recommend certain medications or soothing creams depending upon the skin pigmentation and the outcome of the treatment. Cool compresses will assist in soothing the burning sensation felt by most patients but ensure that the treated area is not rubbed, any scabs picked, or in general not abrasively touched. Use of a mild cleanser when cleaning the area is recommended as perfumed soap may cause irritation and stronger soaps will cause the skin to dry out.

    An antibiotic cream may be used on any blisters or crusting that may appear. As sweat can cause skin irritations, it is highly advisable to refrain from exercise immediately after which may cause the body to sweat. Avoid sun exposure for up to four weeks to allow the skin to heal naturally if this is not possible then apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 25.

    A hydrating cream should be applied after treatment to assist in healing and keeping the skin subtle. Aloe Vera or topical corticosteroid creams may also be used. The consultant or laser technician will advise on which creams are suitable for the individual patient. Hair will still seem to be growing after laser hair sessions have finished, this is just the last of the hair being push out and a soft moist cloth can be used to remove these.

    All the above recommendations apply to each patient who has undergone laser hair removal treatments despite skin pigmentation and the area treated. Following the instructions issued by the consultant will allow for the best results with minimal side effects.

    All About Laser Hair Removal

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    Posted by LaserAway on Monday, October 5, 2015

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