Hair Removal

Many Options for Hair Removal Methods

In modern societies, excessive body hair is considered to be aesthetically unpleasing. As a consequence, there has always been considerable interest in ways to control, if not to permanently eliminate, unsightly body hair. In general, there are three hair removal methods available: mechanical; chemical, and laser.

Mechanical hair removal refers to cutting, trimming, or the removal of hair by force. Examples of mechanical hair removal techniques include shaving, waxing, and the removal of individual hair by “brute force” methods such as the use of tweezers or forceps. The disadvantages of mechanical hair removal is that hair will regrow relatively quickly and the fact that the remaining hair follicle may become inflamed, which can lead to visible skin eruptions.

Chemical hair removal is the use of creams, ointments and other external substances to “dissolve” or “chemically break” that portion of the hair which is above the skin. In addition to the disadvantages of mechanical hair removal mentioned above, chemical methods for hair removal may result in allergic reactions to any of the substances present in the cream or ointment.

Due to the potential for unwanted side effects as well as the relatively-rapid regrowth of hair, laser hair removal is now considered to be superior to the other hair removal methods is the hair removal method that is recommended by leading dermatologists and health spas such as LaserAway Hair Removal and Aesthetic Experts.

When a laser is used to remove hair, the hair absorbs heat energy from the laser and this heat energy caused the temporary destruction of the cells in the hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth. This means that hair growth cannot recur for a period of up to several months. In fact, after several laser treatments, hair loss may become permanent.

Thanks to modern technology, laser hair removal is essentially painless and, depending on the size of the area to be treated, can be accomplished in one treatment session. Side effects of laser hair removal are mild, with the most common complains being similar to mild overexposure to sunlight such as mild redness and itching of the treatment area. These symptoms usually resolve over the day following treatment.

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