Skin Rejuvenation

Enhance Your Laser Facial With 3 Exercises

A Clear + Brilliant treatment or IPL photo facial can erase years from your face and leave you glowing like a teenager. All the more reason to ensure your neck looks as good as your newly rejuvenated face.

If you work a normal office job, your neck probably gets stiff and sore a lot. But did you also know that if you exercise your neck regularly, you’ll actually help prevent the muscles in that area from becoming weak?

This means you’ll also avoid getting the dreaded turkey neck. In fact, as you age, genetic and environmental factors take a toll on your appearance. While regular exercise can keep your body tight and toned, many people never think about their necks. As you get older, your neck muscles become more lax, resulting in sagging.


  • The Gulping Fish – Stand upright with your shoulders down. Make sure your back is straight. Then tilt your head all the way back so you’re looking up at the ceiling. You should be able to feel a stretch at the front of your neck. Now place your hand beneath your collarbone, and gently pull your skin down to accentuate the stretch in your neck. Open your mouth wide, pushing your jaw forward. Start to move your lower lip toward the ceiling, like a fish. Gulp 50 times.
  • Forward Chin Thrusts – Stand upright, and pull your shoulders back and down, elongating your neck. Slowly wrap your hands around your neck, pointing your fingers back. Make sure your palms are touching each other at the front of your neck. Begin pushing your head straight forward as far as you can, leading the movement with your chin. You should begin feeling a stretch at the front of your neck going into your chin. Only your face should move, so keep your neck and hands still. Hold the forward thrust for five seconds, and repeat 30 times.
  • Head Rotations – Stand upright and look straight forward. Make sure your back is straight and your shoulders are down. Begin turning your head to the left, trying to bring your chin above your left shoulder. Keep your stomach facing forward so that only your head and neck move. Pause for four seconds, and return your head to the starting position. Then, slowly turn your head to the right, looking over your shoulder. Make sure you move slow and controlled. Hold this position for four seconds, and then go back into your starting position. Do this exercise 30 times.