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5 Ways Clear + Brilliant Makes You Look Younger

Esther M. had reached the age where she was beginning to notice wrinkles and fine lines around her mouth and eyes. They made her look tired and old—much older than she actually was. But she recoiled at the thought of undergoing invasive cosmetic procedures. “A painful facelift? Never!” she told herself. Then someone mentioned Clear + Brilliant. It was right for Esther, and it may be right for you.

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser system that diminishes the early signs of aging, refreshing skin from the inside out. Clear + Brilliant helps improve the first signs of aging by targeting and reducing brown spots, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles—all while rejuvenating overall skin tone and texture. It can create younger-looking skin for not only the face but the body as well. Best of all, Clear + Brilliant boasts minimal discomfort and no downtime, making this procedure perfect for busy people on the go.

How does Clear + Brilliant work such wonders? It’s quite simple, actually. Clear + Brilliant’s special Permea handpiece delivers low-power laser energy to millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, triggering the replacement of damaged cells with healthy, younger-looking tissue. Simply put, Clear + Brilliant gently revitalizes your skin from the inside out.


Clear + Brilliant is so effective that almost all Clear + Brilliant patients claimed their skin looked younger and felt smoother. Even more impressive, these same patients claimed they saw a noticeable “Clear + Brilliant glow” after a series of treatments. Need more convincing about Clear + Brilliant’s many benefits? Here are five ways Clear + Brilliant can make you look years younger:

  • With Clear + Brilliant Permea treatments, topical skincare products work harder for you. The Permea treatment enhances skin permeability, increasing the benefits of topical skincare products immediately after treatment, giving you results you’ll love. In clinical studies, those treated with Clear + Brilliant Permea followed by a topical antioxidant serum noted greater uniform tone, boosted radiance and enhanced overall appearance.
  • Clear + Brilliant fights the natural signs of aging. If you’re battling the effects of aging on your skin or taking preventative measures against aging, Clear + Brilliant can help. With simple, gentle laser treatments, you can prevent the visible signs of aging and the overall dulling effects time and the environment can have on your skin. One ten-to-twenty minute Clear + Brilliant session can leave your skin feeling smoother and younger, giving you that remarkable “radiant glow.”
  • If you want to reduce your pore size, then Clear + Brilliant is a great fit for you. Clear + Brilliant can significantly reduce both pore count and size in all skin types. In clinical trials, patients who received six treatments spaced two weeks apart showed a significant reduction in pore number and size, as well as a marked improvement in pore appearance. In fact, 95% of all patients treated reported a visible improvement in pore appearance, and all patients reported a significant improvement in skin texture and overall tone.
  • Clear + Brilliant improves skin texture and tone. After a series of six treatments, most people notice visibly illuminated skin tone, renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture, and naturally radiant and glowing skin. Best of all, skin tone and texture continue to improve after each successive treatment.
  • Clear + Brilliant leaves your skin with a radiant glow that comes with healthy, youthful skin. Clear + Brilliant’s radiant glow is a result of the skin cell rejuvenation that occurs when damaged skin cells are replaced with newer, healthier cells. Results are so impressive that 95% of Clear + Brilliant patients reported a “noticeable glow” after a series of treatments.
  • Still not sure if Clear + Brilliant is right for you? Then consider that Clear + Brilliant is most effective for:
    • Those people who already have or plan to begin a skincare regimen to help protect against the natural and environmental effects of aging.
    • Those people who like the way their skin looks today, and want to keep that fresh, youthful look for years to come.
    • Those people who have a regular, consistent approach to skincare and are looking to boost their results.
    • Those people who don’t have the time or desire for more invasive procedures like cosmetic surgery or aggressive rejuvenation treatments.

The bottom line is that Clear + Brilliant works, and it works for people of every background and ethnicity. With Clear + Brilliant, the proof is in the pudding: In clinical studies, Clear + Brilliant helped refresh skin tone and texture. Time after time, Clear + Brilliant patients reported “looking and feeling younger.” They claimed that Clear + Brilliant helped them rediscover their skin’s natural “radiance and smoothness.” Clear + Brilliant is an easy and effective treatment to add to your routine. It requires no more preparation or planning than a facial or trip to the hair salon. What are you waiting for? Give Clear + Brilliant a try today.