Tattoo Removal

More About Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal offers people the chance to completely remove unwanted tattoos from any part of the body. Laser tattoo removal involves the use of an intensely heated vibrating beam of light which passes through the skin and directly onto the ink. The tattoo ink absorbs the laser beams light and begins to break down into minute particles over a series of laser removal sessions. The bodies natural defenses will begin to absorb the ink particles and gradually the tattoo will completely disappear.

Tattoos cannot be removed in a small space of time, and as lighter colored tattoos do not absorb the laser as much as darker colors, several laser tattoo removal treatments will be necessary to eradicate the tattoo. Depending upon the immune systems efficiency of each individual, the tattoo could be removed permanently within six to eight weeks. Other factors such as skin tone and tattoo colors can also speed up or slow down the whole process. A lighter skin will allow the laser to pass through more easily than a darker skin tone and will therefore need less treatment. Professional tattooists use a permanent ink and will take longer to remove than home made tattoos which are nearer to the top of the skin.

During an initial consultation at LaserAway a technician will assess each individual’s requirements, taking into consideration skin pigmentation, the color, and size of the tattoo to be removed. From this, the technician will inform the prospective client the approximate number of laser tattoo removal treatments that may be necessary to completely dissolve the tattoo. After each laser tattoo removal procedure, the ink will appear visibly lighter as the ink is broken down and absorbed.