Postcare Fillers

What To Do After Your Fillers Treatment

First of all, thanks for coming in! Second of all, congrats! You’re looking fabulous. However, results vary and the *best* results depend on you, and whether you read, understand and actually do everything on this list. Questions? Give us a call!

Before we get into your post-care instructions, here’s what you can expect in terms of results. You will notice your filler results immediately. It is common for the treated area to appear swollen for three to seven days. Two weeks after your treatment, the product will be settled and the treated area will feel softer yet still look full.

Aftercare juvederm at Laser Away


Stay Cool

Avoid high, direct heat, including saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms. Also, avoid activities that cause strain or increase your body temperature such as heavy lifting or vigorous exercise.


Give Yourself A Massage

Gently massage the treated area with Vaseline® or Aquaphor® several times a day for several days to help soften and mold the product. Key word: GENTLY! Avoid aggressive pressure or manipulation.

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Give Your Skin A Break

Avoid facials, vigorous scrubbing, deep massaging or aggressive exfoliating in the area treated.

What To Do If You Experience These Common Side Effects….

Swelling Or Discomfort

Swelling and discomfort are common after receiving filler injections. We recommend that you gently apply cool ice packs to the affected area, taking them on and off every three to five minutes for one to two hours (do not apply ice pack directly to the skin, or for more than five minutes at a time). We also recommend sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated above your heart.

For Bruising

Bruises commonly occur after receiving filler injections. They usually resolve within three to seven days, and you can gently apply makeup over them. Continue to avoid alcohol until resolved.

For Itching

Itchiness can occur when skin is cleansed with alcohol prep pads. We recommend taking oral liquid Benadryl®, Allegra® or Claritin® (antihistamines available over-the-counter) as needed, as well as applying hydrocortisone 1% and Vaseline® or Aquaphor® to the affected area up to three times per day until it resolves.

For Lumps & Bumps

Once the filler product settles and swelling subsides, you may feel small lumps or bumps in the treated area. We recommend you apply slight pressure to the area for a few seconds and continue to gently massage with Vaseline® or Aquaphor®.

Urgent Concerns

Dermal fillers are a safe and effective treatment, but there are always risks and it’s important to know the warning signs of a possible complication. If you experience any of the following symptoms, please give us a call at 1-888-965-2737 or come in to any LaserAway location immediately.

• Unusual or continuous pain or intense pressure in the injected area
• Any “paleness” on or adjacent to the injected area
• Any bruising or redness that begins to spread

If you are unable to go to a LaserAway, please visit your nearest urgent care center.

Questions? Experiencing anything not covered here? Come in to any LaserAway or give us a call at 1-888-965-2737. Also, don’t forget to book your touch-up appointment in two to four weeks if needed.

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