Body Contouring | Thermage FLX

How Many Body Contouring Procedures Will I Need?

Because cosmetic body contouring procedures are gentle alternatives to traditional body contouring surgeries, results are often gradual. You’ll likely need a series of treatments before you see the results you want.

VelaShape temporarily shrinks fat cells and smooths skin, and you’ll be able to see a marked difference after just two treatments. But if you want more noticeable and permanent results, you’ll have to undergo six treatments. Once you’ve completed your treatment plan you’ll be counseled to exercise and follow a healthy diet to maintain your results.

With Thermage, you’ll be able to see results after just one treatment – and those results will improve over time! Measurable contouring and tightening improvements gradually appear two to six months following the initial Thermage treatment. As with VelaShape, you’ll have to undergo annual maintenance sessions.