Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal 100 % Safe?

As with any cosmetic procedure, complications can happen. That being said, most people typically only experience short-term reactions such as redness and follicular edema. Both fade within a few hours after a laser hair removal procedure. Rarer, more lasting side effects can include blistering, persistent skin irritation, scarring, and changes in skin pigmentation.

To minimize complications, you should follow post-procedural care instructions carefully. Such instructions might advise you to use cold compresses and antibiotic creams, refrain from wearing cosmetics, avoid picking or scratching the treated skin and limit sun exposure. To achieve optimal results you should space your laser hair removal sessions four to six weeks apart.

Certain populations might experience a higher risk of complications. This includes smokers, the immunocompromised, the elderly and people with darker skin tones. You should discuss your medical history and all potential risks with your physicians prior to treatment.