Laser Hair Removal

What Are The Types Of Lasers Used For Hair Removal?

Four different lasers are typically used for hair removal — although many more patented ones do exist. The four most common lasers — Ruby, Alexandrite, Nd:YAG, and Diode — each boast distinct advantages.

In the world of lasers, Rubies can be considered relative old timers, having been in use for laser hair removal for quite some while. Ideal for people with dark hair and light skin, the Ruby produces a small beam of light. This means laser hair removal sessions are oftentimes longer, with more pulses of light targeting the treatment site. Lasers like the Ruby have become less popular with the advent of newer, more effective laser technologies.

The Alexandrite laser produces a longer beam of light than the Ruby, requiring fewer pulses during a laser hair removal session. This has the benefit of lessening patient discomfort. What’s more, the Alexandrite laser effectively removes hair on people with a wide range of skin tones and hair color combinations, and is especially effective on coarse hair.

The Nd:YAG laser is one of the most innovative lasers on the market. It has the incredible ability to distinguish between subtleties in pigmentation, effectively removing hair on any skin tone. Because the Nd:YAG laser produces one of the longest beams, fewer pulses are required to get the job done. This means shorter laser hair removal sessions, minimal patient discomfort, and reduced risk of complications.

Last but not least, the Diode laser offers a gentler touch, removing hair while protecting the skin. This ensures you experience minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. The Diode is typically most effective on people with light-to-medium skin tones.