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Can I Become Addicted to Botox?

Myth: You Can Become Addicted to Botox

Not true, right? Right… for the most part. While you can’t become physically addicted to Botox, you can become psychologically addicted.

Botox is miraculous, but you can definitely have too much of a good thing. Overdoing Botox can result in looking blank and expressionless. If Botox makes you look amazing (which it will), appreciate the results and don’t jump the gun — if you take it slow, you won’t feel compelled to obsess over your results. And even if you do, when you’re in the right hands (like those of the staff at LaserAway), additional Botox can still be subtle to keep you looking natural and aging gracefully.


Botox is a neurotoxin and works by attaching itself to nerve endings. Once this happens, the neurotransmitter responsible for triggering muscle contractions, called acetylcholine, can no longer be released. In simpler terms, Botox injections temporarily relax the facial muscles that underlie and cause wrinkles. This is also why wrinkles caused by sun damage and gravity don’t respond well to Botox treatments.

Part of Botox’s amazing ability to turn back the clock is due to the fact that it effectively and instantly treats dynamic wrinkles. What are dynamic wrinkles? These are wrinkles that appear when you’re moving your face, such as when you frown or raise your eyebrows. Dermabrasion and chemical peels can’t treat dynamic wrinkles effectively because they’re unable to target and relax the muscles that cause those wrinkles to appear. Botox has an added advantage: Compared to dermabrasion and chemical peels, there’s no downtime. Both dermabrasion and chemical peels require up to ten days of recovery time, while Botox fits your active lifestyle, offering true cosmetic convenience — what’s not to love?


Botox has been proven safe for most people, especially those who wish to eliminate dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles caused by the contraction of underlying muscles, such as frown lines, forehead furrows, crow’s feet, bunny lines, and more. Botox is best recommended for those between the ages of 18 and 70. Older folks should first consult with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to ensure that their skin tone is elastic enough to respond to treatment.


There’s a reason why millions of men and women choose Botox – there’s no surgery or recovery time involved. Botox offers real, noticeable results—meaning you won’t be disappointed come treatment time. Since Botox works by weakening facial muscles, results start showing within three to seven days. You’ll see deep dynamic wrinkles gradually improve over time, in addition to the early effects seen shortly after treatment. Your results will gradually improve until about two weeks after the procedure. At that time, your injections will have reached maximum efficacy . The effects of Botox will gradually wear off over the next three to four months, letting us know it’s time to retreat!

An ounce of prevention will keep you looking young. When used early in the aging process, Botox not only treats wrinkles—it also prevents new wrinkles from forming. Treatment is most effective on wrinkles that haven’t quite set in, and it also reduces the onset of wrinkles before they become moderate or severe. By combining a Botox regimen with good skin care, sunscreen, and a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent most wrinkles from getting worse and prevent new ones from forming.

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