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Does too much Botox freeze your face?

Too Much Botox Will Not Freeze Your Face Like a Mannequin

This is a common misconception about Botox. Luckily, it’s not true – for the most part.

To put it more simply, Botox injections temporarily relax – not freeze – the facial muscles that underlie and cause wrinkles

Despite what you may have heard about Botox treatments, they don’t freeze your face. Botox is a neurotoxin and works by attaching itself to nerve endings. Once this happens, the neurotransmitter responsible for triggering muscle contractions, called acetylcholine, can’t be released. To put it more simply, Botox injections temporarily relax – not freeze – the facial muscles that underlie and cause wrinkles. This is also why wrinkles caused by sun damage and gravity don’t respond to Botox treatments.

What you do have to be worried about is if your doctor doesn’t administer Botox properly. The consequences can be devastating, to say the least. You’ll risk looking like a mannequin if too much Botox is injected into your face—and since there’s no quick fix, you’ll have to wait until the Botox wears off, which can take months.


Another common error is over-Botoxing the forehead. This causes it to become too relaxed, making your forehead feel heavy and your eyelids look droopy. People with this problem tend to look expressionless. What’s worse, if your doctor doesn’t correctly perceive how much you use this muscle, then too much Botox will cause the upper eyelid skin to look more hooded. Once again, fixing this issue is just a matter of time.

And that’s not all that can go wrong. If your doctor isn’t properly skilled at administering Botox, you could also end up with lop-sided facial features, including a lopsided smile and a facial droop on one side. When the muscles that control the shape of the mouth are injected incorrectly, it results in one side of the smile pulling up or down. Usually, this is more noticeable when the face is in motion. Similarly, a facial droop on one side occurs when the Botox injected around the lower crow’s feet or eyelid migrates to a muscle that elevates the corner of the lip and parts of the cheek.

Keep in mind that Botox, although temporary, is a long-term cosmetic treatment. In other words, you have to keep up with regular injections to achieve natural-looking results. If you wait too long between treatments, you won’t obtain natural-looking results, or you may end up requiring larger doses that’ll limit muscle movement in your face.

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