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What’s better: Botox or Xeomin?

Step 1

These popular neuromodulators are actually very similar! Both Botox and Xeomin use botulinum toxin to relax the underlying muscles that cause wrinkles. So what’s the difference between the two products? For one, Botox has added proteins to preserve the botulinum toxin A, whereas Xeomin does not contain the extra proteins. Botox and Xeomin may last about the same amount of time.

Individuals who have developed a resistance to Botox, usually after repeated treatments, may respond well to another neuromodulator such as Xeomin.

Regardless of whether you choose Botox or Xeomin or any other neuromodulator, you should always have an experienced clinician administer the treatments to avoid significant side effects. There’s a reason millions of Americans choose these innovative anti-aging procedures – they’re safe, effective, and minimally invasive.

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