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Can Acne Scars Be Treated with Lasers?

Can I really clear up my acne scarring with laser treatments?


Yes, you most definitely can. One of the most innovative laser treatments, Clear + Brilliant, uses non-invasive laser technology to gently resurface the top layer of the dermis by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the skin. This not only stimulates collagen production but also galvanizes skin to generate healthier tissue. Clear + Brilliant also reduces pore size and treats pigmentation issues related to acne scarring. After just one treatment, people report significant improvement in the appearance of acne scars; within a week, they notice smoother skin texture and more even skin tone. Clear + Brilliant is so effective that it’s clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of facial scars and discoloration. The best part of all? Most people require little to no downtime!

It’s most ideal for people with shallow to moderately shallow acne scarring and discoloration.

Might you be a good candidate for laser treatments like Clear + Brilliant? Probably! Clear + Brilliant safely treats all skin types and tones. It’s most ideal for people with shallow to moderately shallow acne scarring and discoloration. This is because Clear + Brilliant helps to diminish the appearance of acne scars by encouraging new collagen growth, as well as reducing pore size. This ensures improved skin tone and texture.

Unfortunately, if you have ice pick acne scars or extremely deep acne scars, Clear + Brilliant probably won’t work. Still, there’s hope. You could first have your deep acne scars treated with a punch excision before undergoing Clear + Brilliant procedures.

What other laser procedures can treat deeper acne scars?

Ablative laser treatments such as CO2 resurfacing can work wonders. In fact, CO2 resurfacing is still considered the best way to treat deep-pitted acne scars. How does it work? By vaporizing skin cells damaged at the surface-level. This then causes the remaining skin cells located within the hair follicles to “resurface” the areas that have been removed from the laser. The CO2 laser essentially stimulates an increase in collagen production under the skin cells. This tightens the upper layers of the skin and reduces the appearance of scars. Though you’ll see some results immediately following a procedure, you won’t see full results for three to six months. Unlike Clear + Brilliant, which is basically non-invasive, CO2 laser resurfacing is an invasive procedure, meaning it will take up to two weeks to fully recover from a single treatment. But the good news is that you’ll most likely only require one treatment.

Keep in mind that if you still have active acne, you won’t be able to undergo any kind of laser resurfacing treatment. You’ll have to clear it up first, and then wait until it’s in remission. You also can’t undergo some laser resurfacing treatments if you’re taking the acne medicine isotretinoin or have used it in the past two years.

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