Laser Tattoo Removal

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

You can expect to feel some discomfort during your laser tattoo removal session. Some say laser tattoo removal feels like having a rubber band snapped against their skin. Others think it feels like they’re having their skin pricked rapidly or having their skin scratched. But the discomfort isn’t unbearable. In fact, most people find it’s no more painful than getting their initial tattoo.

While most people generally don’t need anesthesia, the amount of discomfort you feel depends entirely on your tolerance for pain. The area being treated also determines how uncomfortable you’ll be. Areas with more fat, like the arms and thighs, are usually not as painful to treat. Areas with little fat, such as the neck or ankles, can sting a bit. But you have the option to reduce discomfort through use of a topical anesthetic cream. (With Q-switch lasers physicians frequently administer a topical anesthetic, such as lidocaine or a combination of other topical anesthetics, thirty minutes prior to treatment.) Keep in mind that laser exposure during each

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