Laser Tattoo Removal

How Long Before I Can Go In The Sun After Each Tattoo Treatment?

After a laser tattoo removal session you might notice that the affected area has become red or swollen and that scabs or blisters have formed. Don’t worry, though; this is perfectly normal! It’s all a part of the skin’s natural healing process. During this initial period, you should gently cleanse the area and use an antibiotic ointment as instructed. Any sun exposure in the weeks following treatment could result in complications such as hypo-or hyperpigmentation, scarring, or infection. Stay away also from public swimming pools while the treatment site is fresh.

Once any reddening, scabbing and blistering have subsided – this usually happens four to six weeks after treatment – you may once again frolic in the sun as long as you apply a high-factor sunblock to the treated area before doing so. If you fail to wear sunscreen you might suffer unpleasant consequences in the form of hypo- or hyperpigmentation in the laser-treated area.