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  • Tattoo Removal

    Isn’t it interesting how so many Tattoo parlors in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica, and Studio City stay open until the wee hours of the morning?  Could it be because an important part of the business is meeting potential clients after they’ve had a little “liquid courage?”  Friends shouldn’t let friends embark on the multi-clored dragon across ones back.  Years later, at a company picnic, when coworkers takes off their shirts to sunbathe, guess who wont be joining in?

    You are not alone.  Tattoos are such a big part of society today in America that not having a tattoo is almost more taboo than having one. Some estimate that more than 10 million Americans have at least one tattoo, and there are about 4,000 tattoo studios now in business in the United States.  Of these people, about 50% , it is reported, end up regretting them.  It used to be that tattoo removal required surgery, but due to the modern advancements in Laser technology, all of that is changing.

    With six locations LaserAway is Southern California’s leader in laser tattoo removal.  Our number one message to get across to our potential clients is DUE YOUR LASER RESEARCH!!!  This is the most important step in making sure your tattoo is removed in a safe and effective fashion.  In fact, many tatttoo removal clients from all over the counrty call us just to ask questions about which lasers to use, even if they end up getting treated by a totally different clinic in a totally different state.  We take it upon ourselves to educate others so that they don’t waste their time or money.  Many other Laser places, Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologist offices still use lasers generations before the modern advancements hit home.  At best these machines do a terrible job of removing tattoos, at worse they may leave scars instead of results.  We are very open about our technology and use two different machines.  For dark color we use the Medlite C6 by Hoya Con Bio, which is considered without a doubt the industry leader.  For simple black tattoos we use the Harmony by Alma, which shows amazing results on black tattoos.  One of the benefits of choosing LaserAway is that we provide multiple machines to ensure your tattoo is effectively removed.  Call now for a free consultation!!!

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