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  • How Does Coolsculpting Work?

    Video Transcription

    Dr. Kirby: My name is Doctor Will Kirby. I’m a board-certified dermatologist and I’m the National Medical Director at LaserAway. Coolsculpting is the newest technology available at LaserAway. The way it works, cryolipolysis. And you say, “What is cryolipolysis?” Well, as the phrase suggests, let’s break it down. “Cryo” means cold, “lipolysis” means the destruction of fat. So we destroy unwanted fat on your body using cold technology.

    So let me tell you about the history of the science behind Coolsculpting. The medical literature notes many, many cases of a condition called popsicle panniculitis and this is toddlers in really warm environments, typically in the summer, they have popsicles and they eat the popsicle and then they fall asleep with the popsicle in their mouth, typically outside. And what happened? When they wake up, the popsicle’s melted, but they have a unilateral fat reduction on the side of their cheek where they were sucking on the popsicle. And it’s permanent. That’s how scientists figured out that you can harness cold technology to destroy fat, and in this case, unwanted fat.

    Everything in medicine has to have a mechanism of action. And with Coolsculpting, the mechanism of action is the destruction of the fat cells. We only target those. We don’t target the skin, blood vessels, nerves, muscle. When a patient receives Coolsculpting, we take a large handpiece, which is called an applicator and we target an unwanted area of fat. That might be the sub-mental area, which is under the chin, it could be the love handles, it could be the lower portion of the stomach, the top portion of the stomach, typically an area that has unwanted fat.

    So the applicator stays in that area for about an hour. So with the inflammation via suction and via the cryo of that handpiece, the cold component of the handpiece, that unwanted fat is targeted. After an hour, we remove the handpiece and we have to massage really, really vigorously. The cryo component of cyrolipolysis, Coolsculpting, forms metaphorical ice crystals, icicles in the unwanted pocket of fat. And in that vigorous, thorough massage for just a few minutes, destroys those ice crystals, crushes them up and destroys the fat also.

    Who’s a good candidate for Coolsculpting? Well, there’s this full spectrum of patients who would really do well with this treatment. It’s common knowledge that diet and exercise cannot target specific areas of fat. And what this means is no matter how athletic you are, you can have an incredible body, great musculature, but you can still have a little pocket of fat that you just can’t remove. On the other hand, it’s common knowledge that CoolSculpting is great for people who are a little bit heavier, maybe they have fat in unwanted areas: the saddlebags, love handles, lower abdomen, even under the chin. So if you’re a little bit heavier and you’re trying to get into lifestyle modification, diet, exercise, overall fitness and remove unwanted pockets of fat, whether you’re really fit or a little heavy, Coolsculpting is the treatment of choice for you.

    So what kinda results can you expect with Coolsculpting? Let me be very, very clear. This isn’t just some sort of visual cellulite reduction, there’s a lotta treatments like that that were used in the past. This is a permanent reduction in unwanted fat, and the pockets where that fat resides is 25% reduced with each treatment. So you get a visible, noticeable, beautiful, sexy reduction in unwanted fat. How long does it take? Just a few weeks. Typically we like to reassess patients 12 weeks after they start so that we can show them their great results.

    Woman: To try Coolsculpting, give us a call, drop-in, or visit us at And for a special web exclusive discount, click the on-screen link, you’re gonna love it.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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