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  • The In’s & Out’s of Thermage

    Video transcription

    Gabrielle D’Addario: We all want to look our best. But going under the knife isn’t for everyone and that’s why there are safe, non-invasive treatment options like Thermage.

    Interviewee 1: Well, Thermage is amazing, exciting treatment. It’s what’s known as a monopolar radiation frequency treatment.

    Interviewee 2: What it does is it heats up the collagen and as it heats up and then cools, what it does is tighten what’s currently there but also stimulates collagen production for the six months following the procedure.

    Interviewee 1: Right off the table, the patients will see an immediate tightening effect and the very unique part of Thermage is that the results continue and continue, almost like reverse aging.

    Gabrielle D’Addario: With little to no down time, this treatment has become a Hollywood go-to for staying red carpet ready.

    Interviewee 1: At LaserAway we treat a lot of celebrities. It’s well known Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore and supermodel Linda Evangelista, they talk about Thermage.

    Interviewee 3: A lot of A-List come in, they love Thermage. It’s the treatment of choice for them because there is no sign that you do Thermage after no down time.

    Gabrielle D’Addario: While this might be an apparent go-to for your tummy, buttocks, legs or arms, it’s also used for less obvious areas.

    Interviewee 1: We can do anything from hands to buttocks to abdomen to face, of course, and it’s actually the only FDA energy-based treatment right now that actually treats your eyelids, you know, people with creping or a little bit of hooding or the wrinkles around the eyes are actually FDA approved to treat that. So it’s one of the few treatments that can actually do that on the eye.

    Gabrielle D’Addario: Anyone can do this treatment but to see optimum results taking care of your body is the first place to start.

    Interviewee 1: A good candidate for Thermage is someone who obviously has realistic expectations and someone who actually takes care of their body. It does rely on your body’s inherent building blocks to build that collagen. So you do want to be healthy but someone definitely who has some skin laxity, anybody from the natural aging process where they’ve developed lax skin and sagging to someone’s who’s lost a lot of weight really quickly, also is very popular with people who just had a baby.

    There a lot of men now wanting to come and get this procedure too. I have a lot of bodybuilders who feel like over the years, as they’ve gotten older, their abdomens have become lax or their arms and it’s a great way to tighten those areas.

    Gabrielle D’Addario: Having no down timing or the results are a few of the perks but as I personally found out, there’s not a lot of pain involved and, if anything, the treatment kind of tickles. Plus I walked out of my treatment with what looked like a glow.

    Interviewee 1: Another benefit that we see with Thermage that a lot of people talk about is that we see a luminosity of the skin. For example, it works on collagen fibers to reduce the collagen on many levels. So even at a superficial level you see pores that are tightened, you see lines that are reduced. So there’s a great benefit in that. So smoothing, tightening, contouring.

    Gabrielle D’Addario: And unlike some treatments where you have to go back multiple times, Thermage is a one time deal.

    Interviewee 1: Unlike other procedures where you have to come multiple times, once a week, it’s just that one treatment.

    Gabrielle D’Addario: LaserAway is one of the premier locations for the Thermage treatment but they’re also known for their vast variety of non- invasive options available. With locations all over California, LaserAway is leading the way in skin care and aesthetics.

    Visit to find the location closest to you, for a list of treatment options or to see what celebrities like Kim Kardashian are saying about LaserAway.

    Bringing you the best of California, from LaserAway in Santa Monica. I’m Gabrielle D’Addario for California Life.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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