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  • Juvéderm Lip Injections


    Melissa: Hey, guys. This is Melissa Hayes. I’m here at the Sherman Oaks LaserAway location. I am a hair and makeup artist. I do mostly freelance. Today I’m going to be getting Juvederm in my lips.

    I want to get Juvederm just because it makes my lips look a lot more full. My lips are very small naturally, so I really like the look I get when I get Juvederm in my lips.

    When I get Juvederm put into my lips, it actually cuts back on the time you have to spend on your lips. I know that when I do makeup, if I put lipliner on someone, you need to over-line the lips a lot. So when you get Juvederm, it kind of cuts back on that, so you don’t have to put so much lipliner on. So it’s actually a really good plus.

    My favorite thing about Juvederm is it gives a really nice, natural look. It creates more of an uplift. It lifts the lips up, so I really like that.

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