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  • Juvéderm Lip Injection Treatment


    Alyssa: Hi, my name’s Alyssa. I am a freelance makeup artist and a makeup instructor. I’m here today at Laser Away, Huntington Beach, to get my very first Juvéderm procedure done, in my lips. I kind of always decided that I didn’t like the symmetry of my lips. They’re a little bit uneven, and my top lip is a little bit thinner than my bottom lip. I’m a little bit nervous. I’ve got mixed feelings about it, but I’m really excited to see what my end result is. So come with me, and we’ll see exactly what I end up with, and wish me luck.

    So I’m all done, and I was really surprised at how quickly everything went, and also how little pain I felt. And I would say that there was maybe on a scale of one to 10, like a three, when it comes to pain. So I was really, really shocked at how little discomfort I was in, actually the entire time, and I am completely loving my results so far. It’s not too strong, not so soft that it doesn’t look like anything was done at all, and my nurse today, Sonia, she listened 100% to what I wanted the shape of my lips to be, and I’m so happy with the way they look.

    Woman: For more information on  Juvederm lip injections, or any of our services, click on the link below to schedule your free consultation. See you soon.

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