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  • Botox Facial Injections

    Video Transcription

    Annie: Hey, ladies, it’s Annie, and I’m in Hermosa Beach on my way to LaserAway because it’s my birthday! So let’s go get some Botox. Come with me.

    Okay, ladies, so I’m here at LaserAway waiting for my birthday Botox treatment. And ever since I turned 34, I’ve just decided I’m going to get Botox on my birthday. That’s going to be my birthday present to myself. We all want to age gracefully, and to do that, not only do we need to take preventative measures when it comes to our skin, but we also want to erase some of the damage we have already done. And that’s what Botox is going to help with.

    So with my expressive eyebrows, like a lot of us have, I kind of look like the Rock when someone says something stupid. Basically, what the Botox is going to do is relax my eyebrows to prevent some of the wrinkles that form when they’re lifted so much. But don’t worry, ladies, we’re not talking about frozen look. We’ve all seen certain celebrities that have very frozen face, and that’s not the look that we’re going for. Just a more graceful, youthful, radiant look.

    Woman: Okay, Annie, are you ready to go? Let’s get rid of your Rock face and “elevens.”

    Annie: Okay.

    Woman: All right.

    You doing okay?

    Okay, now relax.

    Now we’re going to treat the frontalis, which elevates the eyebrows and causes these horizontal lines. Raise them? All right, and relax.

    Annie: Almost done.

    Woman: Okay, Annie, so go ahead and smile for me. All right, let’s attack these crow’s-feet.

    And that’s the last of it, Annie. How was it?

    Annie: It was good. Not bad at all. Didn’t hurt.

    Woman: Okay.

    Annie: Just got my birthday Botox. Thank you, guys, so much for joining me. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel for more videos. Bye, see you next time.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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