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    Interview with LaserAway Nurse About Her Experience

    Video transcription I love coming to work because of the people I work with, and we get really great clients in this area, so that’s why I love coming to LaserAway. Laser hair removal works READ MORE…

    Do Have Unwanted Facial Hair?

    Video Transcription Megan: Hey, guys. I’m Megan. And today I’m here at LaserAway, chatting with Emily Holmes, nurse practitioner, and laser hair removal specialist, all about getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Hey, Emily. Emily: READ MORE…

    Does At Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

    Video Transcription Interviewer: Hi I’m here at LaserAway with Dr. Will Kirby, certified dermatologist, and he had agreed to answer some of my questions about at-home laser hair removal. Hi, Dr. Kirby. How are you? READ MORE…

    LaserAway Professionalism

    Video Transcription Dr. Will Kirby: LaserAway is a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology, the single best provider you can go to for all of your aesthetic needs. We pride ourselves on our treatment processes and our professionalism. READ MORE…

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