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  • Interview with LaserAway Nurse About Her Experience

    Video transcription

    I love coming to work because of the people I work with, and we get really
    great clients in this area, so that’s why I love coming to LaserAway.

    Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in your hairs, so in
    order for it to work, the hairs need to be dark. We do have measures to
    treat lighter, fine hairs, so we can treat all kinds.

    No, actually all our patients tolerate our treatments very well. For those
    that are a little more sensitive, we do have ice packs and numbing cream
    available for them.

    I would have to say for women, it would be the underarms and the Brazilian,
    our Sunset Package, and for men, our Manscaping, which is either the front
    side or their backside, upper body.

    The common areas people like to treat for women would be the Sunset areas,
    which is the underarm and Brazilian, and for men it would be the
    Manscaping, which could either be the chest and stomach, or the back and

    We can treat all skin types, so to the lightest of skins to the darkest of

    Yes, yes, we can treat all skin types. The first lasers that came out could
    only treat only light skins, but we have the most up-to-date lasers here at
    LaserAway, so we can treat all skin types, all skin colors. They’re very
    effective, we’ve achieved between 80 and 90 percent for all our early (?).
    Our lasers are very effective, we can achieve between 80 and 90 percent for
    our treatments.

    The treatments don’t take very long, it just depends on the areas that we
    are treating. So if it’s a small area, it will be less than 15 minutes, and
    for larger areas it can take up to an hour sometimes.

    Yes, after a session you can go right back to work, actually a lot of our
    clients come in during their lunch breaks and then they go back to work.

    Botox works by blocking a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which
    prevents contractions of the muscles of the face. Botox could be for
    anyone, it’s great for dynamic lines, so lines you see when you move the
    muscles of the face. It can take about 15, 20 minutes for client… A
    typical treatment of Botox will take between 15 and 20 minutes, you can go
    right back to work after a Botox treatment.

    Tattoo removal depends on how large the tattoo is. It can take 15 minutes
    to 30, 45 minutes depending on the size, and how many colors are involved
    that we’re treating. Again it depends on the size and how many colors are
    in the tattoo, but tattoos can take typically between six and ten
    treatments. So the number of sessions tattoo removal takes depends on the
    size of the tattoo and how many colors of ink are in the tattoo.

    Pretty much clearance of the entire ink, it just depends because some
    colors are difficult to remove, specifically blues, greens, yellows are
    probably the toughest colors to remove, but blacks are straightforward, six
    to ten treatments.

    That tattoo removal process doesn’t take very long, but it depends on the
    size of the tattoo, and how many colors are involved in the tattoo.

    Tattoos, we have the best tattoo available for tattoo removal. Patients can
    expect about 90 percent clearance of their tattoo. The process can be
    uncomfortable, but we offer topical numbing creams, icing, we also have a
    chiller device that blows cold air, and that helps patients tolerate the
    treatments much better.

    I’ve been working with LaserAway since February of 2009 as their full-time
    nurse. My favorite part about working at LaserAway would have to be the
    staff. We have a great team that works here.

    My favorite part about working at LaserAway would have to be the staff.
    We’ve got a great team of people here that care about work and patients
    that come in.

    When I first started working at LaserAway, the first thing that stood out
    to me would be the friendliness of the staff.

    The most popular areas people treat for laser hair removal would have to be
    the Sunset package for women, which is their underarms and the Brazilian,
    and for men, it would be their Manscaping package, which would be either
    their chest, and stomach, or the back and shoulders, as most of our
    patients are satisfied with their treatments.

    We have the gold standards for laser treatments here. We use the Cynosure
    Apogee Elite, as well as the Luminous Diode for our hair removals. For our
    tattoos, we use the MedLite device for that.

    I think that the Cynosure kind of stands out from all the other lasers for
    hair removal because it has the chiller attachment to it, which is a device
    that blows really cold air. That really helps make the treatments more
    comfortable for our patients.

    Laser hair removal is a perfect solution for several things, not only for
    permanent hair removal, but for treatment for razor bumps and ingrown

    We actually have a huge percentage of males that come in here. I would have
    to say our clients are about, 40 percent of our clients here are males.

    A few safety things that our sale staff will kind of go over with you
    before you coming in for your appointment is a review of medications you
    might be taking. You do want to avoid photosensitizing medications and as
    well as sun exposure prior to coming. You want to avoid the sun for 10 to
    14 days before coming in for treatment. You want to avoid sun exposure to
    avoid any kind of adverse reactions to your laser treatment.

    Yes, you definitely need to shave before your laser treatments. The laser
    is able to target the hair when the hair is short, so if the hairs are too
    long the laser treatment will only kind of singe the hairs above the
    surface of your skin.

    You should definitely not wax before you come in for a treatment, you want
    to avoid that for at least two to four weeks before your laser treatment,
    and you’re to stop plucking and waxing throughout your treatments too.

    After a laser treatment you definitely want to wear sunscreen on any of the
    areas that are exposed to sun, but the date of your treatment we do ask
    that you avoid any heat on any treatment areas, that includes hot tub
    saunas, as well as strenuous exercising, until the following day.

    Aftercare for Botox would be to avoid laying flat, massaging of the
    treatment areas, and heat on the treatment areas for four hours. After a
    Botox treatment, you want to avoid heat on the treatment area as well as
    massaging of the treatment area. You also want to avoid exercising for
    about four hours after.

    The Hillcrest location is very easy to get to, it’s right off the freeway,
    it’s easy to find. The only advice I have is just to come early and to find

    How frequent you come in for an appointment for hair removal depends on the
    area, so if you’re getting your face or neck treated, it will be every four
    weeks, and for anywhere on the body it will be every six weeks.

    Right after your laser hair removal treatment, you may experience some
    redness, little swelling around the hair follicles, and they just look like
    little bumps on the skin, and you can definitely return to work after your

    After you laser treatment, we can apply hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera
    gel to help calm the skin down.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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