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7 of the Best Self-Tanners


Summer’s here, and that means it’s time to get your tan on!

But you don’t want to actually tan in the sun, because that can lead to premature aging of the skin. Luckily, there’s self-tanners!

But there’s a catch. Yes, there’s an art to applying self-tanners. You should only choose high quality products.

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to give you the lowdown on how to apply a self-tanner so that it looks natural. We’ll share seven of our top picks for self-tanners, too.

How to Perfectly Apply a Self-Tanner for that Perfect Golden Glow

Here are the ten golden rules of successfully applying a self-tanner so it looks natural – and doesn’t produce those ugly streaks. Follow these tips, and you’ll be golden.

  1. If you need to wax, get a manicure, shave, or touch up your hair color, do these things before applying a self-tanner. Why? Because all these treatments can remove self-tanner.
  1. One of the biggest mistakes women make is not exfoliating before applying self-tanner. If you don’t exfoliate beforehand, the self-tanner will sink into dry skin, leaving dark patches that look unnatural. You’ll want to focus especially on your knees, elbows, ankles, and heels. If you’re applying self-tanner on your face, you’ll want to use a cleanser that contains glycolic or salicylic acid and a skin brush to remove dead, dull skin. Make sure to avoid anything oil-based, since it leaves behind a residue.
  1. After you’re done showering, make sure to dry off and wait ten minutes until you’re totally dry.
  1. You’ll want to moisturize your skin before you apply a self-tanner. Apply a lightweight moisturizer around your nose, knees, elbows, and ankles to prevent them from turning orange.
  1. At this point, you’ll want to pick your self-tanner (which we’ll give you seven of our top choices further on). But choose a self-tanner that goes well with your skin tone – so, if you have fair skin, choose a light to medium formula, but if you have olive skin, choose a dark formula. Keep in mind it can take two to four applications until you reach the right shade.
  1. When you apply a self-tanner, you’ll want to start at the bottom and work your way up. This technique separates gorgeous glows from orange fake tans. Make sure your hands are clean, and smooth on the self-tanner in circular motions approximately one teaspoon at a time. You’ll want to start at your ankles and work your way up to your shoulders to prevent any weird marks when you bend over. Be sure to save your arms and hands for last.
  1. For your face, dab a dime-size amount of formula where you’d naturally tan, like your forehead, cheeks, bridge of your nose, and your chin, and then blend outward with your fingertips. The nose and top lip pick up extra color, so be careful. Wash your hands immediately after you finish.
  1. Give your self-tanner extra time to dry, and then brush on some baby powder all over. Why? Because it’ll stop the tanner from getting on your clothes. Avoid showering or sweating for six to eight hours.
  1. If you make a mistake, and you notice streaks or blotches, then rub half a lemon on the area for two minutes before lightly buffing it with a damp towel.
  1. If you want to preserve your tan, then wash with a gentle cleanser and make sure your skin is always moisturized. You’ll want to avoid using retinols and acne treatments, which can wash away the color on your face.


7 of the Best Self-Tanners on the Market

Now you know how to apply self-tanner. But which self-tanner is right for you? Here’s our pick of the top 7:

  1. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil. This tanner not only makes skin feel supple, but it also lasts longer since it contains oil.
  1. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Self-Tanning Serum. All you have to do is add a few drops to your usual moisturizer, and you’ll get a gradual tan without worrying about any weird additives.
  1. Vita Liberata Fabulous Tinted Self-Tanning Mousse. Mousse self-tanners are great because they’re super lightweight and fabulous if you have oily skin. Plus they absorb very quickly. But you’ll want to wear a tanning mitt so you don’t stain your palms.
  1. Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel. Gel self-tanners glide on easily and absorb quickly, so they’re great to use if you’re short on time.
  1. Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self-Tanning Face Towelettes. You should choose self-tanning towelettes if you want an application that’s quick and easy. But you’ll want to wear glove while applying it, so you don’t get tanner all over your hands.
  1. Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Spray. Self-tanning sprays are great because they allow you to get hard-to-reach areas, like the backs of your arms and thighs.
  1. Sisley Self-Tanning Hydrating Body Skin Care. You want to be sure to choose lotions that have a lot of rich hydrators, since DHA, the coloring agent in self-tanners can be drying. Luckily, this formula is ultra moisturizing!

There you have it! If you follow our tips and choose one of these seven tanners, you’ll have a flawless glowing tan that no one will realize is fake!

But What’s a Gorgeous Tan Without a Gorgeous Body?

Make sure your tan shows off your best assets. Try out VelaShape and Zerona – two of the hottest body contouring treatments on the market.


VelaShape is the only FDA-cleared body contouring device. It effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas — all in as little as four treatments.

So what happens exactly during a VelaShape treatment? First you’ll be asked to lie down on a table, and one of our medical professionals will apply a lotion-type spray to the treatment area. The VelaShape machine will then be gently placed on the skin, and you’ll generally feel a persistent rolling massage sensation that slowly begins to heat up. Slight pressure will then be applied to the area while the skin is being massaged. Most people agree that the procedure is relatively painless – in fact, many compare it to a warm, relaxing deep tissue massage. And it’s relatively short too. Depending on the area being treated, VelaShape sessions typically last between 20 and 40 minutes.

Most people notice exciting results after just one treatment, including tighter, firmer and smoother skin. After six treatments, people see a significant reduction in cellulite, along with a few inches in circumferential reduction. Science supports VelaShape’s effects, too. People in clinical trials experienced an average of half an inch to a full three inches of circumferential reduction in treated areas after a series of four treatments. What’s more, their cellulite was reduced by up to 63%. Another clinical study showed that 85% of patients saw their thighs shrink up to three inches!


Zerona, a cutting-edge body contouring procedure that effectively removes excess fat without any negative side effects.

During a Zerona treatment session, which takes approximately 40 minutes, patients are asked to lie down on a table. For the first 20 minutes, five cold lasers target patients’ front bodies, and for the remaining 20 minutes, the back part of their bodies is then treated. The best part of Zerona is that is it completely pain free and there are no adverse post-procedural side effects, meaning no downtime.

Patients are required to commit to a series of six treatments every other day for two weeks, and they cannot exceed more than 72 hours between treatments. If more than 72 hours intervene, the fat cells may reuptake some of the fat. It is important for patients to adhere to a strict diet and exercise regime, with includes exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, drinking between 8 and 10 glasses of water daily, and refraining from caffeine and alcohol consumption (caffeine and alcohol interfere with the lymphatic process of removing and metabolizing fat, which could make the treatment less effective). By maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program, patients can expect long term results.

Zerona treatments are so effective that most patients experience an average loss of 3.64 inches on their waist, hips and thighs in a matter of weeks. Some patients even witness a nine inch circumferential reduction after their first series of treatments, and results can be seen in as little as fourteen days.

Best of all, results can be permanently maintained by following an easy, healthy diet and exercise program that consists of exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day, drinking at least eight glasses of water daily, and refraining from consuming alcohol or caffeine.

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