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  • Why 1915 Marked the Year Women Began Shaving Their Armpits

    Many women nowadays wonder why they have to shave their armpits. Well, the practice dates back to 1915. Prior to that time, it was considered normal for women to have body hair. This is because, in the early 1900s and the centuries before, even the word “underarm” was deemed scandalous. However, in 1915, the first sleeveless dress came out. In fact, an advertisement in the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar claimed that, in order to be able to wear the dress, women would first need to remove their underarm hair. By the early 1920s, hairy armpits were considered taboo. A similar trend followed with leg hair in the following decades.

    Hair removal is as old as civilization itself.

    • In Ancient Egypt, a lot of time was invested in hair removal. It was customary for women of ancient Egypt to remove all of their body hair, including the hair on their heads, with tweezers, pumice stones, and beeswax.
    • In the Roman Empire, much like in Ancient Egypt, lack of body hair was considered a sign of refinement. Even pubic hair was considered uncivilized.
    • During the Middle Ages, body hair became popular. Most women only removed hair from their faces and left their body hair alone. It was fashionable to remove eyebrows and hair from the forehead in order to make it appear larger. Walnut oil was used to remove excess hair.
    • In the 1700s, the first straight razor for men was created, which women also used. This marked a more civilized approach to hair removal.
    • In 1844, the first depilatory cream was created by Dr. Gouraud, and by 1880, the first modern-day razor for men was invented. However, it would be another three decades before a razor specifically marketed for women would appear.
    • In 1915, Gillette designed the first razor designed for women called the Milady Decolletee. What’s more, depilatory creams were marketed on a massive level.
    • In 1940, the first electric razor for women was created, as women went bare-legged more often.
    • Wax strips were invented in the 1960s and quickly became the method of choice for removing unwanted hair under the arms and legs. The first laser hair removal method was also invented during this time.
    • During the 1970s, electrolysis became more reliable and safe. In the 1970s, too, bikini area hair removal became popular.
    • Since the 1980s, most women remove their leg, underarm, and pubic hair through some kind of methods, such as waxing, shaving, electrolysis, and laser hair removal.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    Laser Hair Removal For Silky Smooth Skin

    Laser hair removal uses advanced laser technology to achieve permanent hair reduction over a series of a few sessions. Unlike other hair removal methods, with laser hair removal, you’ll barely have to shave or wax ever again. Plus:

    • Treatments are quick. It only takes roughly 20 minutes to perform a laser hair removal treatment on your underarms and pubic area.
    • You’ll save money over time. Since with permanent hair reduction, you don’t need to constantly purchase razors, shaving cream, depilatory creams, and waxing kits, you’ll save money in the long run. In fact, the cost of laser hair removal has decreased while the cost of waxing has increased throughout the years.
    • Ingrown hairs will become a thing of the past. Laser hair removal is a great option for preventing and eliminating ingrown hairs. What’s more, it’s also a great option for those with sensitive skin who experience irritation from shaving and waxing.
    • Laser hair removal saves time. This is because laser hair removal eliminates the need to shave daily, which adds up over years.

    Safer and more permanent than waxing, plucking, shaving, electrolysis, and other methods, laser hair removal is so effective that most clients see hair gone forever after some three to five sessions.

    You’ll need multiple sessions to obtain maximum results because only hair in the anagen — or active — stage of hair growth can be successfully treated.

    What’s more, laser hair removal is the only proven method available for easily and quickly removing hair from large areas of the body — the back, chest, legs, face.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    Simply put, laser hair removal gets results.

    At LaserAway, we offer the most aesthetic service options of any national skincare provider. Our highly trained staff is experienced and certified in laser and other dermatological procedures.

    Our techniques are innovative. Our technology is cutting-edge. And we work to make your experience comfortable, enjoyable, and satisfying.

    Want to learn more about laser hair removal? Then schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today by emailing or calling us at (888) 261-8393.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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