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  • Facts About Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is the nonsurgical medical treatment for the removal of unwanted hair. The laser is an intense beam of heated light that passes through the layers of skin and damages the individual hair follicle which in turn inhibits any future hair growth. This FDA approved method for permanently reducing hair growth is now suitable for nearly all skin pigmentations and types of hair. Similar to all medical procedures there are elements of risks that differ in each person according to their individual skin complexion and hair type.


    A very frequently asked question by prospective patients is does it hurt? The answer is yes, Laser hair removal treatments do hurt to a certain degree. The laser treatment will cause a stinging or tingling sensation for a few days after treatment. This is a result from the intense heat of the laser even though a cooling gel is applied before and during the procedure. The sensation will vary for each patient depending on individual skin pigmentation.


    Most laser hair removal treatments will require between 3-6 sessions to greatly reduce the amount of visible hair. For a more permanent period of hair free growth and for an area where there is a dense growth of hair, between 6-12 sessions may be required. The number of sessions also depends on the depth of each hair follicle as again each person is different.


    There are several risks involved whilst undergoing laser hair removal procedures, many such as slight swelling, redness, and possible scabbing will disappear within a very short space of time. Skin pigmentation discoloration is also a very rare risk. Hyperpigmentation can occur, this is where the skin darkens but is treatable with bleaching agents and possible medication which would be prescribed by the laser operating technician.


    Costs vary from clinic to clinic and can also depend upon the number of treatments. The denser the hair, the more sessions required and the more it will eventually cost. Once the initial treatment has finished, further sessions at regular intervals will be required to assist in giving a more permanent hair-free area.

    Laser hair removal treatments are clinically more hygienic than other hair removal methods. Shaving is abrasive on the skin and can cause infections and ingrown hairs leading to red spots and slight bumps under the skin. Waxing is very messy and can burn sensitive skin areas and produces severe pain. Hair removal creams can burn the skin and cause severe rashes which are unsightly and may take weeks to disperse. LaserAway recommends that these treatments are carried out at regular intervals in order to maintain hair-free skin.

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