Hair Removal

Helping Beauty Shine Through

Women often suffer from unwanted facial hair, particularly cheek hair, which can be embarrassing.  This embarrassment can lead to lower self-confidence and a number of body image issues, which can be debilitating.

Most women have hair present on the upper lip, chin and cheeks, but when the hair in these locations is thicker and darker than just “peach fuzz”, hair removal may become necessary. Many women are familiar with hair removal methods, including laser hair removal, for the upper lip and chin, but the cheeks are often overlooked. While many women might shave or wax their upper lip and chin, but shaving the cheek area is time consuming and needs regular maintenance.

Tweezing and electrolysis are options some may consider in dealing with facial hair; however, these normally leave bright red marks on the face or ingrown hairs that may last for several hours or even days. For many women, the best solution to removing unwanted cheek hair is cheek laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal treatments ensure that the unwanted facial hair is immediately and almost permanently removed.  Laser hair removal treatments are long-term because the treatment kills off the hair follicles at the base of the hair.  The removal of these hair follicles prevents further growth for a substantial period of time. Cheek laser hair removal is ideal for people with fair skin and dark hair. This type of treatment is FDA approved as one of the safest hair removal methods and it is also more effective among the removal options available.

Cheek laser hair removal treatments normally last for an average of ten minutes with a frequency of three to six weeks apart for approximately six months.  Determining factors for cheek laser hair removal include skin color, hair color, hair thickness and the density of the hair. After a patient has completed the six months of treatment, 70% to 95% of the hair will be completely gone.

Stop fretting over unwanted facial hair, and visit to schedule a free consultation today. Let LaserAway eliminate your unwanted cheek hair and let your face be what it always has been – beautiful.