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What Are Alternatives To Plastic Surgery?

Can I tighten a sagging stomach without going under the knife?

If you have had a baby or lost a lot of weight, your joy at getting your body back might be tempered by sagging belly skin. What’s worse, as you get older, the problem will only grow in scope because your skin elasticity is reduced and collagen production slows with age. But don’t let a sagging stomach get you down.

Though diet and exercise can’t necessarily help a sagging stomach, non-invasive cosmetic procedures can. That’s right – you don’t have to go under the knife to restore your stomach to its former pre-pregnancy or pre-weight gain glory.

Tighten It Up

We’ll show you two amazing non-invasive cosmetic procedures that are highly effective at eliminating unsightly sagging stomach skin. Both of these procedures:

  • are effective on all skin types and tones
  • are virtually painless
  • require no downtime
  • deliver natural-looking results

The Best in the Beauty Business


VelaShape is an innovative body contouring procedure that safely and effectively contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas. It’s so good at what it does that it’s the only FDA-cleared body contouring device on the market, meaning you won’t have to deal with annoying stomach skin for long.

velashape before and afterHow does it work?

VelaShape works by using four different components – radiofrequency, infrared light, vacuum suction, and mechanical massage. The infrared light and radiofrequency energies allow VelaShape to precisely heat dermal and hypodermal tissue in the treatment area. This heating effect boosts fat cell metabolism and reduces the number and size of fat cells, thereby eliminating cellulite. At the same time, VelaShape’s mechanical massage rollers gently knead the area, increasing circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage and eliminating fat cell byproducts and toxins. Finally, the vacuum suction technology smooths out dimples by stretching fibrous bands in the epidermis, reducing the appearance of cellulite. The end result of these high-tech applications is a significant reduction in body circumference and cellulite, and smoother, firmer skin.

So what happens exactly during a VelaShape treatment? First, you’ll be asked to lie down on a table, and one of our medical professionals will apply a lotion-type spray to the treatment area. The VelaShape machine will then be gently placed on the skin, and you’ll generally feel a persistent rolling massage sensation that slowly begins to heat up. Slight pressure will then be applied to the area while the skin is being massaged. Most people agree that the procedure is relatively painless – in fact, many compare it to a warm, relaxing deep tissue massage. And it’s relatively short too. Depending on the area being treated, VelaShape sessions typically last between 20 and 40 minutes.

Afterward, the treated area may feel slightly warm and tender for a few hours. You might experience mild bruising and redness, but this usually goes away after a few days. In rarer instances, scabbing or blistering can occur in people with very loose skin.

To reap all of VelaShape’s benefits, you should undergo six treatments at one-week intervals. After the initial series of treatments, most medical professionals recommend monthly maintenance treatments for the first three months, followed by regular treatments every three months thereafter.

Their cellulite was reduced by up to 63%

Science supports VelaShape’s effects. People in clinical trials experienced an average of half an inch to a full three inches of circumferential reduction in treated areas after a series of four treatments. What’s more, their cellulite was reduced by up to 63%. Another clinical study showed that 85% of patients saw their thighs shrink up to three inches! Most people notice exciting results after just one treatment, including tighter, firmer and smoother skin. After six treatments, people see a significant reduction in cellulite, along with a few inches in circumferential reduction.


Thermage is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that is clinically proven to tighten, firm, tone, contour and rejuvenate the skin, helping to naturally restore a more youthful appearance. It’s the cure for all your sagging stomach skin woes.

Thermage works from the inside out. It transfers heat to the epidermis, which not only encourages collagen production but also tightens existing collagen. Thermage effects this partly through radiofrequency technology, which produces electrical currents that cause collagen within the skin to contract and gradually reform. This is why most individuals experience dramatic tightening and smoothing of the skin over the six months following treatment. Since the outer layers of the skin are unaffected, there is almost no recovery time involved. The most amazing thing of all? Results from a single Thermage treatment tend to last up to ten years!

Thermage treatments fit easily into even the most hectic lifestyles. Depending on the area being treated, a Thermage procedure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours. Prior to the procedure, a physician will usually administer local anesthesia, as well as oral pain medication to ease any discomfort. During the actual Thermage procedure, patients typically experience an alternation of cooling and heating sensations as the Thermage device penetrates the skin’s deeper layers. The physician will usually monitor the heat intensity to maintain comfort levels. With each radiofrequency pulse—which only lasts a few seconds—collagen in the deeper layers of the dermis is heated just enough to trigger substantial remodeling and regrowth. To prevent damage, the skin’s surface is also simultaneously cooled using an integrated cooling system.

Thermage won’t keep you down for long. You might experience minor swelling, redness, peeling, blisters bumps or dimpling immediately following treatment. Most of these side effects are rare, and usually subside within 24 hours. Though there are no specific aftercare instructions to follow, patients should use regularly a high-SPF sunscreen.

Other studies show that thermal collagen changes can last several years

In clinical trials involving Thermage, participants experienced significant improvement in skin tonicity and laxity. Recently published studies also show that improvements continue for at least six months after a single Thermage treatment session. Other studies show that thermal collagen changes can last several years, depending on the rate of the aging process. You’ll need only one Thermage treatment to reap all the benefits of its innovative technology. During the several months following treatment, you’ll see dramatically tighter, firmer and smoother skin. Say goodbye to sagging stomach skin, and hello again to wearing revealing lingerie and bikinis!

Both VelaShape and Thermage are highly effective at tightening loose belly skin. But for more long-lasting results, you should maintain a healthy weight along with a balanced diet and regular exercise. If you become pregnant again or gain a significant amount of weight, you’ll most likely experience excess stomach skin again.

Let LaserAway Banish Your Excess Stomach Skin

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