Precare Fillers

Everything You Need to Know Before Your Fillers Appointment

Ready to turn up the volume? We hear ya. But before you show up, you need to make sure you’ve read and understand everything on this list. Otherwise, there’s a chance we won’t be able to treat you, and no one wants that.

Avoid Alcohol

We recommend avoiding alcoholic beverages to decrease your chances of bruising.

Prepare Something Healthy

Eat a full, nutritious meal—and avoid caffeine—before your appointment to decrease your chances of feeling dizzy or lightheaded during the treatment.

Photo of a woman getting juvederm injections at Laser Away


Makeup, lotion, sunscreen, lip gloss, lipstick and literally everything else you might put on your face must be removed from the area being treated before your appointment. If you forget this one, we’ll have wipes on hand.

A Few More Things We Need to Know

Any changes to your medical history

New diagnosis? New pregnancy? New medications? Please let us know, as some medical conditions and medications are not compatible with hyaluronic acid (filler) treatments. It may be necessary to reschedule your appointment, as your health and safety are always our top priority!

If you get cold sores

If you have a history of HSV-1 (cold sores) and will be treating on or around the oral area, we recommend you take an antiviral medication starting 24-48 hours before your treatment and continuing for three to five days after. Contact your primary care provider if you need prescription medication.

Want To Be Extra-Prepared?

Learn About Post-Treatment Care

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