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Do You Guarantee Results Of Body Contouring Procedures?

Actual results depend largely on several factors which cannot be guaranteed. A person’s age, lifestyle and genetics can all affect the results of a body contouring treatment. So it’s impossible to guarantee a specific outcome. But most people do notice significant results after only one treatment. Flatter, smoother skin on the buttocks, arms, thighs, stomach and knees; tightening, firming and lifting in certain places; a reduction in loose skin and cellulite; and softened wrinkles – all these results and more you can reasonably expect to see after your body contouring treatment. And since Thermage offers a more permanent solution, you can expect your new tighter, firmer body to last anywhere from six months to several years. Keep in mind, however, that most physicians encourage periodic treatments in order to maintain results.

VelaShape generally requires an initial series of six treatments before folks notice significant results. After this initial series, most people experience a noticeable reduction in the appearance of cellulite. What’s more, they tend to notice that the targeted area has reduced up to three inches! These results are usually semi-permanent, so you should follow a sensible diet, exercise regularly, and schedule occasional maintenance treatments.