Body Contouring | Thermage FLX

What Skin Types Perform Best For Body Contouring Procedures?

One of Thermage’s distinct advantages is that, unlike laser procedures, it works safely and effectively on nearly all skin types and tones. It does work best, though, on younger, slightly thicker, and more elastic skin. This is because Thermage primarily targets collagen in the skin by eliminating old collagen while it stimulates the production of new. People suffering from excessively loose skin, who are sixty years or older, or who have severe sun damage may not respond well to treatment. Keep in mind also that Thermage is not necessarily a substitute for more traditional, invasive procedures offering dramatic results. You should adjust your expectations accordingly.

VelaShape also works on nearly all skin types and tones – though, there are limitations. The most ideal candidate for VelaShape engages in regular exercise and maintains healthy eating habits. VelaShape usually doesn’t work for people who have certain medical constraints, grade three cellulite, or a Body Mass Index greater than thirty.